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Post 212 How to Make Elderberry Syrup

Post 212 How to Make Elderberry Syrup This is a traditional immune syrup that not only tastes good but boosts your immune system throughout the Winter months. Elderberry Syrup both supports and strengthens your immunity, primarly targets the upper respiratory system which is why it is so good for preventing and overcoming the common cold […]

Post 207 Grilling & Reducing Carcinogens

Post 207  Grilling & Reducing Carcinogens We have known for well over a decade, that grilling meat results in carcinogens called HCA’s.  HCA’s result when you grill meat a high temperatures which produces molecules in the meat called heterocyclic amines. These toxic compounds are the same carcinogens that are found in cigarette smoke. Meat contains […]

Post 199 Making Kombucha

Making Kombucha Supplies 1 gallon wide mouth jar 1 cup of organic sugar (not honey) 1 ounce of organic tea leaf large pot for cooking 1 gallon of water mason jars (if using whole fruit for secondary fermentation)- whatever size you wish to maintain OR bailer jars- if you are using an organic prepared juice. […]

Post 195 Daily Detox

Post 195  Daily Detox Daily Detox is taken once daily upon rising before breakfast. After taking the product, wait for 20-30 minutes to eat.  Daily Detox strengthens and cleanses the body with the following ingredients; Turmeric–  anti-inflammatory, prevents brain lesions, protects the brain and crosses the blood-brain barrier, increases the antioxidant activity in the body, […]