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Post 232 Making Kefir

Pose 232 Making Kefir  A divine probiotic beverage for better gut health If you like our Post No. 3 for making your own super-charged probiotic yogurt, you should also consider adding this to your list of great products for gut health. It is funny how yogurt is so popular and Kefir is just sort of out […]

Post 231 Dopamine & Mucuna

Post 231  Dopamine & Mucuna Mucuna is an excellent herb to help balance dopamine, serotonin, and epinephrine. Below is detailed information about improving dopamine using Mucuna and complementary foods, supplements, and herbs. To improve dopamine levels, be sure to keep serotonin in balance for best results. Overuse of drugs or supplements that stimulate serotonin, such […]

Post 230 Mixing & Using Herbal Eye Drops

Post 230 Ophthalmology Applications Mixing & Using Herbal Eye Drops Kit Includes;  4 items Eye Drop Concentrate (for daily mixing) Empty dropper bottle for mixing the Concentrate Castor Oil Drops (nightly use) Supplement specific to eye health Products 1. Herbal Eyebright Formula  .25 oz.   Eyebright Formula (herbal complex of herbs) Liquid Drop Concentrate ¼ oz. […]

Post 229 Herbal Antibiotic

Post 229  Herbal Antibiotic This remedy is a blend of the 5 primary herbs that are highest in berberine. Rather than taking a berberine isolate, I recommend a complex, an herb with all of the compounds that naturally exist with high berberine. Compounds are better than isolates in most cases because these are what make […]

POST 228 Nerve Repair & Pain

POST 228 Nerve Repair & Pain Nerve damage, repair, and pain are debilitating. To try to correct these problems you can try the following. It will take time and a good combination of mostly all of these below; Suggested Supplements Kratom- helps with pain, has no curative powers. The most average dose is 3-7 grams […]

POST 227 How to Increase Progesterone

Progesterone Increasing & Hormonal Balancing If you need increase your progesterone in order to get pregnant, once you do become pregnant, stop this program and revert to a prenatal diet and supplement plan, unless your health care professional advises yo to continue working on higher progesterone levels, especially during the first trimester. Getting your hormones […]

POST 226 Coronavirus and Superbugs

Post 226  Coronavirus & Superbugs According to the definition on Google, the Coronaviruses are common in many different species of animals, including camels and bats. Rarely, these coronaviruses can evolve and infect humans and then spread between humans. Recent examples of this include SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. Most coronaviruses infect animals, but not people. SARS and […]

Post 224 The Original BF&C of 1953

Post 224 The Original BF&C of 1953 Healing Bone,  Skin, Cartilage, Injuries, and all Types of  Related Issues So what is BF&C ?  This is truly an exciting formula from long ago that I believe really works. BF&C is the original herbal formula developed by Dr. John Christopher, an herbal pharmacist. He was a renowned […]


Post 223 About Chamomile Flowers

Post 223 About Chamomile Flowers We carry both the whole flower and powder Let’s learn all about one of these amazing plants. You can have a health problem and find an option of multiple herbs to help. How do you pick? You find the best choices and look at them individually, deciding which one based […]