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Post 243 Dog Toothpaste Recipes

Dog Toothpaste Recipes Brushing your dog’s teeth will help to extend your dog’s dental health. Even if you provide bully sticks for your dog all of the time, your dog will eventually get stained teeth. Brushing their teeth will also help to benefit their gums. Bad gum health is a contributor to tooth loss and […]

Post 241 Electrolytes Through Daily Foods

Electrolyte neededSourcesSodiumdill pickles, caperspickled foodscucumbermiso pastetomatoestomato juicessauerkraut kimchi celerybeetartichokespinachcanned anchoviessoy saucesaucessoups and stewstable salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt, mined saltdry roasted sunflower seedssmoked fishChloridetomatoes, tomato juicessaucessoups and stewslettuceseaweedceleryryeolivestable salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt, mined saltPotassiumpotatoes with the skinplain yogurtbananakiwibeet greenssalmonlarge white beansacorn squashavocadotomatomilkwhite button mushroomsMagnesiumpumpkin seedhalibutspinachsquashalmondlima beanstunabrown rice85% plus cocoaavocadonon-fat yogurtCalciumnon-fat yogurtmilkricottafirm tofusoy milktroutacorn squashclamsparmesan […]

POST 239 Endometriosis, PCOS, Uterine Fibroids, Estrogen Dominance, Men’s Prostate Disease

Endometriosis, PCOS, Uterine Fibroids, Estrogen Dominance, Men’s Prostate Disease. We have included Men’s Prostate in this information because so many people do not realize how many men have breast cancer. Maybe men have “Manopause”, most believe that men are largely ignored until they develop Low T, enlarged prostate, or prostate cancer. High PSA and cancer […]

POST 238 Making Tea

Post 238  Making Tea General Tea Information and Steep Times Tea leaf is not an herb.  Herbs are tisanes and naturally caffeine free with few exceptions.  Tea leaf naturally contains caffeine, black being the strongest and white usually the least, but not always, and most grassy.  Teas are much lower in caffeine than coffee; an […]

Post 237 Ivermectin

Post 237 Ivermectin Most people are unable to get the human grade Ivermectin because of political problems in the system. Ivermectin was awarded a Nobel Prize for it’s discovery and has been used for a variety of medical conditions around the world. For more information regarding its application, see this link with PubMed;  It has been […]

Post 235 Oxalates Chart

Post 235   Oxalates Chart GENERAL RULE FOR OXALIC ACIDS IN FOOD;   Foods that contain more than 10 mg oxalate per serving are classed as ‘high oxalate’ foods If you have any of these health problems, you need to know where oxalates are and do the best you can to limit them. Limiting oxalates if you […]

Post 234 How to Make Medicine Teas

Post 234 How to Make Medicine Teas Also SEE POST 27 Essiac Tea, and POST 2 Tea Concentrates for additional information How To Make A Medicine Tea This information is not meant to take the place of your medical treatment or medication but is provided for education and information only and not for the treatment […]