POST 240 Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Short Term Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s and Dementia– Preventative

There are more supplements and nootropics to take, the following is a good start list. Pick a few from this list and start supplementing daily. Give it about 8 weeks to see how you are doing before adding to the list. You want to be able to identify what is working for you so add to the list going forward rather than deleting. Many people try to substitute what they are taking. While that is okay, it may however be more beneficial to add than to subtract. You may want to take all of these listed; remember, you can select a few and rotate to groupings, alternating what you take every 2 months. There is really no rule, results is what we are after. Do not think if a little is good that more is always better. Sometimes more is just more and worse yet, taking too much of any single supplement can result in side effects instead of the desired results.

  1. Multi Vitamin; this should be food-sourced natural multi. Some research has found that taking a multi supplement every day can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia by as much as 20%.
  2. Lion’s Mane (I have powder extract and capsules) 30 minutes prior to any meal or between meals on an empty stomach. Mix into water, tea, coffee, chicken-beef-or vegetable broth or any soup/stew. 500mg to 4000mg daily
  3. Ashwagandha (I have powder, cut, capsules) 300 to 1000mg daily on an empty stomach
  4. Fish Oil- DHA high (better than regular) 1000 to 3000mg daily with food
  5. NAC (acetyl-l-carnitine) 600mg
  6. Ginkgo Biloba (capsule extract) 350-1000mg
  7. CoQ10– 200-400mg per day (capsule)
  8. Phosphatidylserine (capsule) 500mg
  9. ALA (alpha lipoic acid) 500mg
  10. Huperzine-A (capsule) 50-100mg
  11. B100 (especially B6, B12, Folate, capsule) this has 100mg of all except higher folic acid
  12. D3 (capsule, 5000mg), with a meal. D3 results in more calcium in the blood. Add 100mg K2 with Nattokinase to help push calcium from the blood into the bone where you need it.
  13. Coconut Oil (I have it in capsule or you can use it in cooking, 1 tablespoon per day), with a meal. Use Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil as your standard all-around cooking oil
  14. Resveratrol- Grape Seed Extract is the highest (capsule) 100mg
  15. Turmeric- don’t use curcumin, use turmeric or turmeric extract so you get all of the compounds in addition to curcumin, capsules, powder, rhizomes; 720 to 2200mg daily, with food
  16. Melatonin- 10mg bedtime (capsule)
  17. CBDA 600 bottle, 1 pill per day. If it is not affordable, use the one you can, the CBDA 300 is less, CBDA 150 is the entry level
  18. Taurine (not l-taurine) 500-3000mg per day, empty stomach; average suggested dosage is 500-1000mg daily
  19. NAD 100mg per day, empty stomach
  20. L-Glutathione Precursor (3 peptides glycine, glutamic acid, cysteine) 1500mg per day once if under 50 years of age and twice per day if over 50. This is more effective when taken with Taurine

Foods that may help the mind remain better, and delay dementia or improve short-term memory

  1. Berries- all kinds, this includes power-supplements from dried powdered berries
  2. Leafy Greens– darker is better, but all count
  3. Fish- oily. Try to eat 2 servings of oily fish each week and take an omega 3 supplement daily
  4. Higher Vegetable Diet- about 50-70% vegetable is good
  5. Nuts- walnuts are the best nuts
  6. Beans- especially black beans, red beans, kidney beans
  7. Micro Greens and powdered greens supplements
  8. Follow a Mediterranean Diet
  9. Take HERBS for memory, recall and attention span, in either a tea form, powder, or capsule (best between meals on an empty stomach)
  10. Use SPICES- most spices are good for memory, circulation, blood pressure, and blood sugar management

Keep mentally active, reading, mental work, do not stay slow, stay busy and active. If you were an accountant for example, keep working. If you have hobbies, get involved on a deeper level, if you have not had hobbies in life, get some. Get enough sleep. As we age, most have problems with insomnia to some degree. If you just cannot get enough sleep during the night, take a power-nap every day. Insomnia causes health problems over time so get the sleep you require one way or the other. Drink water- also as we age, people tend to not drink enough fluids- yes tea and herbal tea counts. Set out 2 quart mason jars each day; drink one in the forenoon and the other in the afternoon– this will fulfill your fluid essentials. Try to end the water intake around 3-4pm in the afternoon in order to not let going to the restroom disrupt your evening or sleep, especially if you go to bed early.

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