POST 217 Kratom Dosage Guide

POST 217


1 gram

Beginning Level:  Start small, using a dosage for testing the amount of product you will need to acquire results. This is a starting dose for light pain. The mood-boosting and stimulative effects are subtle but will be noticeable

1-2 grams

Mild Level:  When level 1 is not enough, try increasing to this dosage.  The mood-boosting and stimulative effects will definitely be noticeable but comfortable without being sedative.

Moderate Level:  This dosage will be mood-boosting, and pain relieving. It will result in a balance between euphoria and energy but the stimulating side will not over-power the calming effects.

2-3 grams

Strong Level:  Definitely stimulative, euphoric, or pain relieving. Considered to be analgesic in pain-relieving abilities. You should not feel nauseous. If you do reduce your dosage.

4-5 grams

Maximum Strong Level:  This is when you take as much kratom as you tolerate without it making you nauseated. If you become nauseous, the dose must be reduced. Taking a dose too high for your system will result in your system becoming nauseated and throwing up. You should not nauseous from taking kratom.  This level will often make you feel sedated and can be helpful to sleeping when pain is higher.

5-10 grams

This is a special dosage used by those who are in withdrawal from opiates and need higher dosage temporarily until through the process which generally lasts about 3 to 7 days, although 30 days can happen depending upon the level of dependence. For higher doses for this purpose, use whatever you need over the first 3 days. If you need to continue with a higher dosage for a period of time, realize this is normal and that each person is different with different needs. If addiction to opiates or other substances is the issue, be sure to support the brain

Frequency of Use

Whether using kratom for pain, anxiety, mood, depression, or general motivation, it has a window of effectiveness which averages between 4-6 hours.  Using kratom 2-3 times in a day with a 6 hour dosing is okay but for most, once or twice a day is enough to bring relief.  Always use the smallest dose that works. If you started with 4 grams as your initial dose that works, remain at 4 grams. Building tolerance only means you spend more money on kratom and you do not achieve greater results. Kratom just is what it is. This is what makes kratom a plant that is more difficult to abuse because it does not make you feel high, it just makes you feel better and reduces pain for life is more manageable. Kratom has a window of effectiveness of 4 to 6 hours, but when taken with CBD, it can often extend the effectiveness to 6 to 8 hours and reduce the amount of kratom needed (such as if you are using 4 grams, you may be able to reduce to 2-3 grams instead).  If using a higher dose for opiate withdrawal, after the first 3 days, begin reducing your dose by 1/3 every 3 days until you discontinue. If staying at a 3-5 grams per day, is more comfortable, especially during the first 30 days off opiates, then continue as needed and for as long as needed. Some people take kratom ongoing following an addiction in order to maintain a clean and sober life. Kratom is addictive to the level of coffee and not a narcotic. Kratom is not an opiate. Kratom does not cause hallucinations and will not result in what we often call “drug-induced-bipolar”. Drug induced bipolar results from street drugs, prescription narcotics of many kinds including pain pills, anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals, and abuse of marijuana.  When the drugs are eliminated, the problem seems to disappear over the course of about a month or two. Kratom does not cause thinking to become clouded or irrational, but rather the opposite;  kratom helps to clear the mind and causes you to have better attention span and mood. Kratom is well known to help make a repetitive job or activity easier to complete. It can motivate labor and improve both attention, recall, and uplift mood.

Popular Compatible Products Often Taken With Kratom

  • Kava– anxiety, nervousness, social anxiety, insomnia and restlessness, mood elevator
  • Valerian Root–  anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, muscle relaxant
  • Wild Lettuce Opium– (not opium- got its name from its ability to kill pain)–  pain relieving, anxiety, muscle relaxant
  • Jamaican Dogwood– kills pain, reduces anxiety
  • CBD– pain, anxiety, insomnia, social anxiety and nervousness
  • Phenibut-- a Russian nootropic;  anxiety, insomnia
  • GABA-- nerve pain, reduces the transmission with pain when taken with magnesium citrate
  • Magnesium– all kinds of pain, muscle and nerve pain;  think of it like your electricity that works with other supplements to make them all work better
  • Golden Milk–  anxiety, calming, pain, achy muscles, inflammation
  • Turmeric– inflammation, calms transmission of pain, reduces brain lesions, calms the brain and works with many supplements as a companion
  • Chamomile–  nervous stomach, digestive problems after eating, insomnia, calming
  • Other anti-inflammatory herbs
  • Green Tea– mix with the energetic strains of kratom for the benefits of l-theanine which is nature’s anti-depressant. L-theanine offsets the effects of caffeine
  • L-Theanine– anxiety, insomnia
  • Huperzine A–  nootropic– with any of the energetic strains for mental focus and memory
  • Tianeptine– nootropic–   mental focus, recall and memory mixed with any energetic strain
  • Time-Released Clean Energy–  a natural blend of energetic and adaptogenic herbs, take with any type of kratom including red strains
  • Sleep or Sleep Rx– taken 45 minutes prior to bed along with red kratom for sleep
  • and there are more, but these are just some to help get you started in stacking your products for added benefits
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