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Pain & Inflammation Management

Managing Pain & Inflammation–

Whether you are dealing with an injury or struggle daily with inflammation from an illness or arthritis, nature is here to help. There is no one answer unfortunately, but rather, finding the combination that works for you.

Many years ago, I fell down some stairs and hurt my back. At the ER I experienced staggered breathing– whether breathing in or out, it was jerky and involuntary. The nurse gave me a dose of Valium and immediately the muscle stopped contracting and smoothed out. This is when I learned that Valerian Root works for certain kinds of pain, and not just anxiety. Valerian Root, just as Valium works, helps to smooth out the muscles. It helps to stop cramping, contracting, and muscle spasms. Having recently pulled a muscle in my back which is also related to an old auto injury to my spine, I again found Valerian helpful, but mixed with other remedies, including Kratom. What a God-sent to have these natural products to use in place of pharmaceutical drugs. I for one am very grateful.

Here is a list of things to try. Don’t be afraid to combine them in any way that works for you. Small amounts of various things or more of one, all depends upon what you are dealing with. If you have more inflammation, use more anti-inflammatory products. If more pain, use more for pain with some anti-inflammatory. If I have pain for example, I will take Red Vein Kratom along with Aspirin and Anti-Inflammatory. Enjoy your day with less discomfort!

1. Kratom- nothing beats this herb for pain and relief from so many problems, I consider it to be like a miracle herb. This product is found under Ethnobotanicals on this website.

Red Strains- pain;, sedation
Green Strains- pain, more energetic
White Strains- pain, more energetic
Mix Greens or Whites along with the Reds for pain relief which is helpful for more energy during the day or when at work for example. Maeng Da has little pain reducing capacity for example but is great mixed with any pain-relieving strain to help keep you alert by day. If you have questions about which type to choose, just come in and visit with us. It is more complicated than just “pick this one”.

2. Valerian Root- smooths muscle contractions or cramps, reduces anxiety and helps you to sleep for longer hours in a row. People who prefer Valerian Root also prefer medications like Valium, Adivan, and Clonopin, etc

3. Kava Kava- used the same as Valerian, just a different herb with a variation on these benefits. People who prefer Kava Kava generally also prefer medications like Xanax

4. Anti-Inflammatory Powder or Capsules- this is such a great product for many products. It is even a good addition to any program for lowering blood pressure and blood sugar. The only people with inflammation who should NOT use this mixture are those with Lupus. If you have Lupus, you should not use fenugreek, so we will custom make your blend without it.

Ingredients: certified organic blend; Ceylon cinnamon (the best in our opinion), fenugreek, turmeric, and ginger root.

Optional- add 1 oz. of black pepper to 4 oz. of this mix for added benefits. Black pepper strengthens the bioavailability of these ingredients. It is not added to the original formula because some individuals are allergic to black pepper and the formula is designed to accommodate the most number of people. Adding any herb to the Anti-Inflammatory Powder is also optional, including an herb for pain such as white willow bark (natural aspirin) or kratom (red for pain)

5. Aspirin or Ibuprofen- these are anti-inflammatory and pain-killing. They are not the best choice as a fever reducer. For pain I often take an aspirin along with one acetaminophen plus Kratom, plus Anti-Inflammatory, sometimes one Valerian. There are no rules and sometimes you benefit from these types of products along with natural herbs. I wouldn’t do this long term, but for a few days such as when I injure myself (usually related to yard work!)

6. Acetaminophen- reduces fever and deep muscle or nerve pain

7. ALC (alpha-l-carnitine) repairs nerves, supports the myelin sheath. Anyone who has had Shingles and suffers from residual pain should look at taking this supplement. Anyone with neuropathy, fibromyalgia, or MS should also take ALC

8. Monolaurin- reduces inflammation, excellent also for digestive inflammation. You would have to eat a whole cup of coconut oil to get the equivalent of a capsule of monolaurin.

9. Turmeric- anti-inflammatory, helps reduce pain signals from the brain to the body and nervous system. Prevents brain lesions related to MS.

10. Cinnamon- Ceylon is the only type that should be taken as a supplement as compared to culinary uses. Cinnamon has a chemical that in high doses is hard on the liver except for the Ceylon variety. This is the only type we carry. Cinnamon reduces bad bacteria in the gut, reduces inflammation in general and reduces blood sugar. In the USA, the most common cinnamon sold unfortunately is cassia. The reason for this is the cost difference. If you want Ceylon, we have it. You can also buy a pill maker for about $24 and make your own 00 pills with Ceylon cinnamon powder. 00 size is about 500 mg. when tampered into the pill using a pill-maker.

11. Fenugreek- reduces inflammation and blood sugar.

12. Ginger Root- reduces inflammation, bad bacteria in the gut, supplies heat to the body in cases where more heat is desired in applications of Chinese medicine for example. Helps the brain, fire healing signals to the body and supportive to the cardiovascular system, hearing, eyesight, and brain chemistry. When extracted with alcohol, such as a tincture, it is a natural antibiotic. The antibiotic qualities cannot be achieved with water or vegetable glycerin extraction but only with alcohol.

13. Antibiotic Herbal– this is a blend of the herbs which contain the highest berberine. I love this formula and made it for myself actually, a few years ago to follow-up after an antibiotic regime when I contracted a Retro-Virus. It brought everything into check quickly. We have countless people who have had H Pylori who have successfully eradicated it using this blend. Many of our customers have used it for chronic bladder inflammation, and various intestinal problems like UC, Crohn’s, IBS, etc. It brings inflammation down which is bordering on an infection and often times stops problems from developing further. The only problem with it is the taste. Wow this tastes awful and very bitter. I prefer the pills myself. If you tolerate the powder it saves you about half the cost. If you make the pills you also save about half. If you have chronic nasal inflammation or infections, steep 1 capsule or 500 mg in your netti pot water along with the salt, strain through a coffee filter to remove all herb particles. In many cases it has stopped a sinus infection, especially during allergy season.

Contains: certified organic; goldenseal root, echinacea angustifolia root, echinacea purpurea root, oregon grape root, and barberry root.

14. Vitamin C- taking 1000 mg daily with a meal is general use. For taking a higher dose, I often recommend the powder. Many people have trouble with Vitamin C loosening stools or being too acidic for the stomach. If that’s you, try this– Combine 1/3 teaspoon Vitamin C powder with 1/3 teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda to make a liquid C product which is easy on the stomach and less likely to cause diarrhea. I often take 1 teaspoon of Vitamin C powder (3000 mg) with 1 teaspoon of the baking soda ( turns C into sodium ascorbate) without any trouble. Vitamin C is an antiflammatory and helps to reduce infections, bad bacteria, and promotes healthy collagen for tissue repair. Vitamin C is a good supplement to take with glucosamine and chondroitin for arthritis and bone and joint trouble because it supports the production of collagen. Also- if you want to stay looking younger longer, this is a must- as a supplement and on your skin.

15. Vitamin E- another antioxidant that calms and supports the whole body. It provides for the production of elastin in skin and body tissue including the cardiovascular system. It helps to reduce inflammation in the veins, arteries, and capillaries. Vitamin E helps you to maintain more youthful skin. If your inflammation is cardiovascular, be sure to take Vitamin E along with quercetin and rutin in order to preserve the capillaries as well as CoQ10.

16. Vitamin D3- taking 5000 mg of this supplement each day supports over 2000 biochemical responses that cannot happen if you are deficient. It is a building block of good health and will make everything else you supplement work better. It is synergistic with Fish Oil so take them together at the same meal if you are taking both for a more effective result. It takes a full 30 days of use to experience results to begin working when taking Vitamin D. You will not feel anything after a month, but you will notice is a sense of just feeling better or a sense of wellness.

17. Jamaican Dogwood- this is a pain reducing herb which is listed in the same category as Kratom. It has no psycho-active effects but is still an excellent pain killer. Combine it with Kratom and see if it works for you. This can help reduce the cost of using Kratom for those that it works for. For chronic pain such as arthritis, you can combine the powders of white willow bark (aspirin), Jamaican Dogwood, and Kratom for daily use. For pain and inflammation, also add the Anti-Inflammatory powder to this formulation. Making your capsules is a convenient and recommended way to take this blend.

18. White Willow Bark- natural aspirin. Easier on the stomach than aspirin because it breaks down in the small intestine rather than in the stomach.

19. Feverfew- fever reducer, also helps to reduce the incidence of migraine headaches.

20. Cellfood- proven to help reduce the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Provides oxygen to the body for better healing and inflammation reduction. If you have recently moved to a high altitude climate, taking Cellfood along with 1000 mg. of Vitamin C every day will reduce discomfort during the first 8 weeks of your relocation. Even while visiting a high altitude place, this will be immensely helpful to you. Here in Colorado Springs, in Old Colorado City, we are about 6300 feet above sea level. My vacation renters who come from low lying areas really struggle when they arrive, some even laid up in their rooms. One visitor was even going to leave and cut their vacation short because of sickness from this change in altitude. I give them Cellfood drops in their water and some vitamin C and the problem just disappears. They were able to stay and continue their vacation. Moving to a high altitude climate causes you to build 40% more red blood cells in a 30 day period. Cellfood + C helps you to build red blood cells more rapidly and brings oxygen into your system.

21. Organic 8 Greens- builds the immune system to better handle reducing inflammation, bad bacteria, and infection. Greens are excellent for those with arthritis.

22. Aloe Vera Juice- 2 oz. 3 x daily acts as an anti-inflammatory for the entire system. It is healing to intestinal tissues and can be helpful for many gut illnesses. Some with IBS find Aloe Vera to cause diarrhea or cramping however. If it doesn’t work for you, there is always another product to try. Aloe Vera Juice can be very helpful in reducing arthritis pain.

23. Enzymes- these are associated with digesting food for most. But enzymes digest more than food when taken WITHOUT food between meals. When taken between meals and following with plenty of water, enzymes digest bad bacteria, inflammation, pain, mucous, swelling at injury site, and cleans the entire cardiovascular system (veins, arteries, capillaries). If you have never tried enzymes for these problems, you are missing out on what for some is an amazing result. These enzymes are O3, O45, Serrapeptase, Pancreatin Complexes and Chymotrypsin.

24. DMSO- this is applied externally to non-broken skin to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. Excellent for bone, backs, and injury, especially sports injuries to muscles and bone. Do not massage DMSO into the skin. It is a dehydrator. Simply apply and let it dry – about 15 to 20 minutes.

25. DMSO2- Organic Sulfur- a total body support for building new tissue, supporting old tissues, and giving your body the gift of the true building blocks of good health. You cannot make this in your body and you cannot store it. Taking it everyday is recommended. See POST 28 on the website for detailed information on taking Organic Sulfur. MSM contains sulfur but only about 30%. Organic Sulfur is about 99% or 100%, making it 3 x more effective than taking MSM. Organic Sulfur also is an anti-aging product which helps to keep your skin tight.

26. GABA- helps to balance out the brain receptors in the transmission of pain.

27. Magnesium- calms the signals of pain from the brain. Calms the nervous system and helps to keep nerves from over-firing. Take with GABA for added benefit, 1 hour before bed with water on an empty stomach.

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