Parsley Root Powder Organic 1 oz.


Parsley Root Powder– 1 oz.  Certified Organic–  Parsley Leaf and Parsley Root, although both medicinal, have very different benefits. Parsley root is a medicinal herb for these health concerns;

Parsley Root Medicinal Benefits

Chronic Liver Disease
Chronic Gallbladder Disease
Prostate Enlargement and Inflammation
Strong Diuretic
Blood Purifier

Therapeutic Daily Dosage:  up to 6 grams daily, taking 2 grams 3 x on an empty stomach with water or tea or mix into greens or with other herbs and take in a single dose.

For specific benefits for the issues above, add 1 oz. of this herb powder to 4 oz. of Organic 8 Greens and mix well.  Combining any herb powder into greens is simple and an adds the medicinal benefits to you diet every day.

In order to take the therapeutic daily dosage and include 6 grams into your diet, combine 6 oz. Parsley Root Powder to 4 oz. Organic 8 Greens (or any other greens preferred) and then supplement 2 teaspoons per day.  Using this ratio should give you approximately a full daily dose along with the wide benefits of greens. If you do not tolerate the taste, mix into a smoothie or soft food. It is most effective mixed with water, tea, or diluted juice, however, if it makes it possible to take the product, mix it into a smoothie.

Product Description

Parsley Root Powder– 1 oz.  Certified Organic–  


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