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Matcha– Japanese Premium- Certified Organic-  “powdered tea”, is a ceremonial green tea, served as an elegant traditional beverage. Our Matcha is an extra fine-ground, premium grade A, brilliant green tea.  Its exceptional quality dissolves completely without graininess or grit, unlike many others produced. See Teaware for Matcha Accessories (whisk, bamboo spoon, bowl)

How To Prepare-  Matcha being a ceremonial tea is delivered by a delicate bamboo spoon into a special bowl of hot water, then whipped with a Matcha whisk into a rich frothy brew which is sipped from the bowl.   Matcha is prepared with the traditional whisk and bowl for a frothy brew. The bamboo whisk will break up any small lumps while frothing the tea.  Matcha can be dissolved by stirring, but for the authentic experience, whisking assures optimal flavor and a smooth creamy texture.  Blend Matcha into any loose green tea leaf to enhance the vibrant quality of your infusion. Matcha is also used to make homemade green tea ice cream, another special treat.

Steeping Temperature: 180 to 185 F degrees
Steep Time:  As Dissolved
Caffeine:  Medium
Serving Size:  1/4  tsp/6 oz. water- enjoy when frothed by fully whisking
Ingredients: Certified Organic Grade A Green Matcha Tea Powder
Origin: Japan

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Matcha– Japanese Premium–  Certified Organic-  “powdered tea” is a ceremonial green tea, served as an elegant traditional beverage.



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