Bottle- Glass Stainless Steel

Glass Bottle- Frosted with Stainless Steel


Glass Jar– 3 oz.  Frosted Glass Band with Stainless Steep Lid–An elegant everyday, food safe, storage jar with banded-frosted glass sides and clear glass bottom and top for easy content viewing. Use for storing spices, loose herbs or tea leaf, powders, or small items. Lid snaps-on with an inner seal.

Product dimensions
Diameter: 2 ” (5 cm)
Height: 4 ” (9 cm)
Volume: 3 oz (9 cl)
Quantity: 1
Description: Frosted Glass with Stainless Steel Lid

Product Description

Glass Bottle–  3 oz.  Frosted with Stainless Steel–  elegant storage with snap-on lid


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