Essential Oil Diffuser–  Beautifully handcrafted from natural soapstone which is a durable steatite stone and talc. Soapstone has ideal heat retention characteristics which makes it perfect for diffusing aroma throughout the room.  The diffuser is a two piece device which includes a stand with removable bowl which rests on the stand.  A simple tealight candle is placed into the hollow of the stand where it heats the oil in the bowl.  Simply add a few drops of essential oil or scented water to the bowl that rests on top of the stand and light the tealight candle. You can also place a piece of candle wax in the bowl, after this melts, add your essential oil drops. This wax can stay in the bowl and be used over and over again. The part about using some wax instead of water is that it prevents splashing, and causes the oil diffusion to last for a longer period of time with each oil application. No electricity is needed. All diffusers vary in color and markings which are natural to the stone.

Warning: The entire diffuser can get very hot when in use and may take a while to cool down. Do not move a lit candle diffuser. Blow out the candle and allow the diffuser to cool before touching it. Place a heat-safe coaster under your diffuser to protect furniture from spillage and heat. Never leave any lit candle unattended including diffusers.


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Essential Oil Diffuser–  Beautifully handcrafted from natural soapstone


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