Coconut-Rum Rooibos (roy-boss) Organic


Coconut-Rum Rooibos–  1 oz.– Caffeine-Free–Certified Organic–   Experience a tropical vacation with aromatic mellow rooibos tea blended with the sweet flavor of island coconuts and rum. Rooibos is high in antioxidants and flavonoids.  It’s low tannins which makes it an exceptionally healthy beverage to be enjoyed hot or poured over ice on a hot summer day.  Enhance presentation with an optional pineapple garnish.

Steeping Temperature: 206 F degrees
Steep Time:  7 to 15 minutes
Caffeine:  None
Serving Size:  1 rounded tsp/8 oz. water
Ingredients:  Certified Organic Blend;  South African Rooibos, Coconut, Natural Rum Flavor
Origin: Organica Herb & Tea Blend

Product Description

Coconut-Rum Rooibos–  1 oz.– Caffeine-Free– Certified Organic–  Mellow rooibos tea with sweet coconuts and rum notes.


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