Chocolate Rooibos Dessert Tea


Chocolate Rooibos Dessert Tea– Caffeine-Free— Antioxidant-rich South African Rooibos, a red bush tea;  blended with chocolate and cacao nibs, it brews a delicious reddish infusion with sweet notes of natural chocolate.  Makes a nice evening tea enjoyed after a meal with friends. As a dessert or festive beverage, serve hot with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of liquid chocolate or dusting of cocoa powder.  Beautiful bright color is especially complemented served in a clear cup.

Steeping Temperature: 206 F degrees
Steep Time:  7 to 15 minutes
Caffeine:  None
Serving Size:  1 rounded tsp/8 oz. water
Ingredients:  Caffeine-Free–  South African Rooibos Tea, Chocolate Flavor, Organic Cacao Nibs
Origin: Blend


Product Description

Chocolate Rooibos Dessert Tea– Caffeine-Free— Antioxidant-rich South African Rooibos, a red bush tea, blended with chocolate and cacao nibs


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