Assam Black Tea (FBOP- flowery broken orange pekoe) Certified Organic- comes from the Assam region of Northern India.  Assam is a bold flavored dark tea with a smooth, brisk malty character.  Because of its wide appeal, Assam is used in many tea blends world-wide and preferred by coffee lovers for its rich taste.  Tea from the Assam region of Indian, although it does not benefit from high altitude, tends to be higher in natural tannins and more astringent for the bold tea preferred taste.  This is a broken premium-grade product and specifically FBOP cut.  Repeat-steep 2-3 times to extract full value from each serving. Rich enough to add cream without diluting flavor. Also makes an excellent iced tea.

Steeping Temperature: 206 F degrees
Caffeine Content: Medium-High, Bold
Steep Time: 4-5 minutes
Suggested Serving Size: 1 tsp/8oz water
Ingredients: Certified Organic Ceylon Black Tea
Origin: Sri Lanka

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Product Description

Assam Black Tea- Certified Organic- is a popular premium-grade rich flavorful tea used as a single brew or a preferred mixing tea for blending


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