GI Cocktail- Diverticulitis 1 lb


GI Cocktail For Diverticulitis  1 lb. Used for supporting and cleaning the bowel.  Fine ground mucilagenic seeds, fibers, and nutrients. This formula is packaged in a 1 pound bulk bag.  Store in a glass jar for best nutrient preservation.

The GI Cocktail Formula is fine ground in a blend of mucilagenic plants and therapeutic herbs for the purp0se of gently cleansing the bowel wall and supporting healthy tissue replacement. This product is most effective when combined with the companion supplements;  Organic Sulfur with Glutamine, drinking fresh made carrot juice, taking 10 grams of Collagen Rx each night upon retiring, and consuming Bone Broth as instructed under Post No. 7. If you don’t have the time or discipline to make Bone Broth, you can now buy it in the grocery store next to the chicken and beef broth.

Using a SHAKER JAR, add 6 oz. of filtered water or coconut water to the container, follow with 1 rounded teaspoon of the product and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Drink quickly down and follow by drinking 12 oz. of water, Bone Broth, or coconut water. Wait 2 hours before taking any supplement or medication. This product will absorb these and render them ineffective. Best taken upon rising in the morning and 1 hour before dinner.

GI Cocktail For Diverticulitis–  Certified Organic Blend;  psyllium husk powder, blue spirulina, cat’s claw, marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, peppermint, licorice root, alfalfa leaf, barberry root, pau d arco, Non-GMO lecithin

Product Description

GI Cocktail For Diverticulitis  1 lb.  Certified Organic Blend of mucilagenic plants and herbs for supporting, cleaning and restoring intestinal tissue integrity. 


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