POST 228 Nerve Repair & Pain

POST 228

Nerve Repair & Pain

Nerve damage, repair, and pain are debilitating. To try to correct these problems you can try the following. It will take time and a good combination of mostly all of these below;

Suggested Supplements

  • Kratom- helps with pain, has no curative powers. The most average dose is 3-7 grams every 4-6 hours. You can take this with Ibuprofen which helps with pain and inflammation as well.
  • CBD  -very complimentary with Kratom and helps with pain. Take 10-40 mg 1-3 times daily or every 4-6 hours. Using a CBD Ointment can help.
  • CBD-A  this product is different than regular CBD. It is water soluble and has a patent-pending on it because up until now, CBD-A has never been stable. Take the smallest dose to begin which is the 5mg tablet, or 150mg bottle. Take it once daily and allow some time to see your progress before advancing to the next higher size. For most, the 5mg tablet is good and there is no need to take a higher dosage. It doesn’t matter if you take this with or without food. It will be in your bloodstream when taken on an empty stomach in about 20 minutes. Hold the tablet in your mouth for about 1-2 minutes before swallowing. This helps fast assimilation. If you do not have noticeable progress with some nerve repair after the first jar of 30 days, either increase by an addition 5mg pill a second time during the day or switch up to the 10mg or 300mg jar. By changing to the 300mg jar, it saves money compared to taking 2 tablets of the lower dose. This product has NO THC in any amount and you will not test hot for THC. With your employment, if this is an area of concern, you take this product with confidence and reap the benefits of the CBD-A without concerns for failing a drug test. 
  • CBD-A Tincture- this is an oil based tincture like the other CBD’s but it is still CBD-A. The oil tincture will accumulate the compounds into your fatty tissues, so if your dose is around 80mg or more per day, you can have a positive test for THC. Usually not, but do be aware if you need to be.
  • CBD-A Cream-  Apply this in a thin film over the area of pain 1-5 times each day until you start noticing benefits. You can reduce the number of applications up to 5 times daily as needed. Some notice results in as little as immediately, some a couple of weeks, and others see great benefits over 6 months, even with hand or joint flexibility. When applying multiple times daily, if the area is affected by scarring, if you are like most people, your scars will fade substantially within 6 months, some it is dramatic.
  • DMSO- apply DMSO to the area. See POST 55 for how to apply it
  • Lion’s Mane- actually repairs nerve. You can read more about this medicinal mushroom in POST 129, 152, and 153.
  • Magnesium
  • Turmeric or Golden Milk for inflammation– Turmeric takes about 2200 mg. per day, taken once with a full meal or in two divided doses. Golden Milk is dissolved taking about 1 rounded teaspoon dissolved in hot milk or seed milk. This can be very helpful during weather changes or evenings to help you rest better.
  • B12- 5000 mg 1-2 times daily dissolved in mouth
  • Lipoic Acid- 300 mg. 2 x daily
  • ALC (acetyl-l-carnitine) 2,000 mg daily
  • Inositol  500-1000 mg daily
  • B100- 1 daily (this include B6 100mg which is needed
  • Organic Sulfur- repairs and supports bone, tissue, tendons, nerves, joints, discs, etc.  See POST 28
  • Hyaluronic Acid- for those with joint or disc problems, this offers cushion support and works with Organic Sulfur. See POST 202
  • Collagen Rx- this contains multiple forms of collagen including hydrolyzed. You need multiple types in order to repair and build support. Plain Collagen is usually only gelatin but this is for mostly bones and arthritis and cannot really work for tissue support. This also works with Organic Sulfur. See POST 202 and 28

Start Going to a Massage Therapist Regularly

You’ll benefit from going to a massage therapist. See one that offers deep tissue massage or if available, go see a special therapist that practices Ashiatsu Massage. This is a therapy that originates from Asia. The technique works by the therapist walking on the client’s back using overhead bars for support so they can vary weight and pressure. This type of massage makes you feel very balanced afterwards and can be immensely helpful. Until you have had this done it is impossible to adequately describe the benefits. It really is the best massage I have personally ever had. It may sound scary but it’s not.

A Good Chiropractor Can Be Helpful

This is optional but if you can find a good one, which is not that easy to do, you can find a lot of relief, especially if you suffer from things like sciatica or an injury.


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