Post 224 The Original BF&C of 1953

Post 224

The Original BF&C of 1953

Healing Bone,  Skin, Cartilage, Injuries, and all Types of  Related Issues

So what is BF&C ?  This is truly an exciting formula from long ago that I believe really works. BF&C is the original herbal formula developed by Dr. John Christopher, an herbal pharmacist. He was a renowned herbalist that founded the “School of Natural Healing” back in 1953. This formula stands for Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage. It is used as a tea, fomentation wrap, poultice, and tincture. To use this formula as originally intended follow these steps below;

Special Note About Comfrey Root & Leaf:  this formula contains Comfrey Root. For the tea, we have altered the recipe to exchange Comfrey Root for Solomon’s Seal Root which doesn’t have the liver conflict for internal use. Solomon’s Seal Root is also a “knitting herb” which means it heals bone, skin and cartilage by knitting tissues back into place or form. In the past, the original formulation has always been consumed internally without any reported problems. As with all things, over time, people abuse everything they consume and comfrey was no exception. In excess, comfrey root or leaf, have been found in rare cases to adversely affect the liver, just as chaparral. ItUsing either of the herbs internally is not recommended. Across Europe there is no such warning. Pursue your dosage and use internally as you see fit and determine. For short duration, let’s say a week for example, I see no problem using this internally but that’s just how I would do it. I am not recommending this to you, only telling you how I would do it. For longer durations I would consume the alternative blend that I designed specifically for this issue and for my own personal use.

Fomentation Wrap–  External Formula Contains;  Certified Organic Blend of;  Comfrey Root, Marshmallow Root, Mullein, Gravel or Stone Root, Wormwood, Walnut Hulls, White Oak Bark, Lobelia, Scullcap

Tea Concentrate–  Internal Formula Contains;  Certified Organic Blend of;  Solomon’s Seal Root, Marshmallow Root, Mullein, Gravel or Stone Root, Wormwood, Walnut Hulls, White Oak Bark, Lobelia, Scullcap, Horsetail

For Healthy Bones & Joints, Injury, Swellings–  Ointment; (external use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, White Willow Bark (natural aspirin), White Oak Bark, Comfrey Root, Mullein Leaf, Black Walnut Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Gravel Root, Wormwood Herb, Lobelia Herb, Scullcap, Horsetail, DMSO,  CBD, Essential Oil of Frankincense, Essential Oil of Myrrh, Goldenseal Root, Vitamin E, A, D, and Beeswax

This formula is a particular application remedy herbal blend for the following problems and malfunctions;

  • Bone
  • Skin
  • Cartilage
  • Varicose Veins
  • Spinal Curvatures
  • Sprains
  • Injuries and Swellings
  • Blood Clots or Risk of Blood Clot
  • Back Disc Swellings & Healing
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tremors, Nerve Malfunctions in Limbs
  • Calcium Spurs
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Muscle Tears, Swellings, Injury

Quick story– this is why I advocate for this method of self-help.

In September of 1982 (good lord….) I was pregnant with my first child and was due to deliver the baby on October 8th. On September 8th or 9th, I broke a rib.  I had a bad cold with bad cough, a never ending cough. It was bad enough it may have caused me to go into early labor because my baby was born on the 17th and this was 3 weeks early. Either way, I coughed until I was so sore I could not really take it so I braced myself up against a bunk bed post, just to hold myself as firm as possible and coughed. I coughed and my my rib broke. It sounded like a pop and did not hurt but within a few seconds, wow! I knew I had broken a rib. I had a runny nose with the cold and I could not even sniff or blow my nose. When I coughed, well, no need to explain how terrible this was. My family had recently all become interested in natural health. My father was a doctor and my mother a nurse. Neither were satisfied with modern pharmaceutical medicine. My mother had me purchase the BF&C herbal formula and do it as directed only to increase the fomentation change 4 times a day and wear the band 24 hours per day. I made the recipe as I will instruct here. Within 7 or 8 days, I went into labor. I had healed my rib and had no indication of a broken rib whatsoever. It was like a miracle considering how I had felt and as all women, I certainly was worried about a first birth with the midwives telling me I would experience “pressure”. Well, that’s not it, it was real pain. The rib was healed and I had no pain from the break. It had just completely healed. For this reason, I have recommended using the BF&C process to clients for 37 years. I recommend it today. I haven’t promoted the product so I have not had a lot of people make it that often. I have again however decided to make it available to our customers in a premade blend so you won’t have to buy all of the single ingredients.

I have blended this recipe with all organic herbs and am going to include the alternative blend for those who are concerned about the comfrey root. This alternative blend is for internal use only. The original is for external use absolutely. The alternative blend in addition to Solomon’s Seal Root also contains Horsetail which is high in silica. I further recommend Organic Sulfur every day to speed the healing. As affordable, use the following in this order of priority;

  • BF&C External Original (apply as directed below or reapply-wrap more often if you wish)
  • BF&C Internal Blend (1 cup full strength concentrate + 1 cup distilled water or Berkey water 3 x daily)
  • Organic Sulfur (1 teaspoon 2 x daily as close to 12 hours apart as possible on an empty stomach, do not eat for 30 minutes minimum)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (300 mg)
  • Collagen Rx I,II,III  10 grams once daily dissolved in bone broth or chicken broth
  • Kratom for pain as needed or if needed
  • CBD for healing and pain, rest, as needed or if needed
  • Golden Milk, Turmeric, and/or Ibuprofen for inflammation


1 oz. of dry herb to 1 pint of distilled or Berkey filtered water

8 oz. of dry herb to 1 gallon of distilled or Berkey filtered water

If making a large batch of this formula- using the 1 gallon ratio, add 1 pint of vegetable glycerin to the finished product to help preserve it. Keep refrigerated. It should keep for about a month. Using the small batch of 1 pint, this will keep for up to about 1 week refrigerated.

How to Make the Concentrate

Bring the water to a boil and stir in the dry herb. Reduce the heat to a simmer (do not boil) and cover, cooking for 30 minutes. Strain and put the tea back into the pot and cook uncovered, simmering to reduce by 50%. This is now your concentrate. Let cool and refrigerate until use.

The BF&C Concentrate Application

Using strips of cotton flannel (no synthetics) is saturated with the Concentrate, squeezing out excess liquid so as not to drip. This is called a fomentation wrap. Wrap this around or lay this over the affected area. Follow with plastic wrap and then an elastic bandage to hold everything securely in place. Wear this wrap for 6-8 hours and then remove. It can be worn around the clock if needed. An average use is at bedtime every night for 6 consecutive nights, then 1 night off, and repeat for as long as needed. Many situations may take this routine ongoing for a minimum of 8 weeks and sometimes 6 months, all issues are variables.

Other Optional Applications to Use With BF&C Wraps

  • Apply DMSO 70% or 50% to the area before the fomentation wrap
  • Apply Essential Oils to the area before the fomentation wrap
  • Apply DMSO followed by Essential Oils to the area before the fomentation wrap

Essential Oils

There are many Essential Oils to choose from. Do your research for your condition and then select the one(s) you think are best for your individual need. If using two oils, apply one after the other then wrap or then apply the DMSO and wrap. Oils for pain include frankincense, a couple drops only of peppermint, myrrh, turmeric, etc. Just take some time and review what to use. These not only help the affected area but disperse into the body where they are therapeutically applied. Using DMSO over the oils will accentuate the benefits and increase your effects. Herbs are synergistic so combining them is also a good thing. Herbs are not drugs so you don’t have to worry about conflicts between them. Herbs are not drugs so you DO need to be aware of conflicts if you are taking pharmaceuticals when consuming herbs as medicine. If you have contradictions with particular herbs and a medication, speak to your pharmacist or health care provider for guidance.

Alternative BF&C Formula

This formula has Solomon’s Seal Root in place of the Comfrey Root. Both are “knitting” herbs but the Solomon’s Seal Root does not have the detrimental effects on the liver that Comfrey can have. Comfrey Root is used in the external applications and the ointments. We have also added Horsetail to the Alternative Formula because it is high in silica.

Tea Concentrate

In addition to the fomentation wrap, for situations that are more serious or immediate, drink 1 cup of the full concentrate alternative + 1 cup of distilled or Berkey filtered water 3 x daily spread out. Depending up your individual need, if it is pain, bone, joint, injury, back, disc, etc, then we recommend certain supplements to be used in addition to the formula. Here is a list in order of priority to help;

  • Organic Sulfur (1 teaspoon 2 x daily on an empty stomach with water, do not eat for 30 mins or more, See Post 28 and 202) (this is a good base for everyone for everything– children, elderly, pets, all ages)
  • Hyaluronic Acid – 300 mg per day with food (helps support cartilage, skin, and fluid in joints)
  • Collagen Rx I,II,III – 10 grams daily. Take upon rising dissolved in chicken or bone broth on an empty stomach, wait 30 mins or more to eat food. See Post 202 (supports all tissue, the most abundant protein in the body)
  • Vitamin C- 1000 mg daily with a meal (this helps with Collagen production)

Other Supplements That May be Beneficial 

  • Vitamin E- 400 IU with a meal (this helps with Elasticity of the tissue and skin)
  • Turmeric or Turmeric with Pepper, or Golden Milk– helps to reduce inflammation. Use 1-3 capsules of 1 teaspoon of Golden Milk in regular milk or seed milk. This is especially helpful during weather changes, before bed, or when you have injuries with swelling
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