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“Naturally the Best Choice” THE ORIGINAL BLACK SALVE
BLACK SALVE PRODUCT FORMS: Original Salve-Cream 1 oz. and 60 count bottles of Tablets

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease

Black Salve Cream & Capsules
The information contained in this material is based solely on testimonials of those who have used Black Salve products for health enhancement.

Case Histories Reveal a Wide Variety of Herbal Healing__The following are examples of product use

INTERNAL USE- for the liver, kidneys, colon, prostate, female sex organs, breast, lungs, bladder, and throat areas. The product is used on a wide variety of viruses, including colds, flu, mouth disorders, bladder infections, strep throat, & yeast infections- including candida. Most people who use black salve capsules, also use the Anti-Parasite Kit to establish a healthy internal working support. 86% of Americans are now estimated to have internal parasites from imported foods and improperly cooked foods- whether at home or from eating out. To support total nutrition, please refer to Organic 8 Greens. To take salve internally, MAXIMUM DOSE is the size of pea daily, wrapped in a little piece of bread folded over. Wash down with water as swallowing a pill. Most people find they have less stomach upset by taking the product in a divided dose; 1/2 of the size of a pea after the 1st meal of the day and 1/2 after the last meal or dinner. Take AFTER eating, not before. You can also take the dose and put it in a “00” empty capsule to ingest the salve. You can pre-load the capsules but if doing it this way, be sure to place them in the freezer so they don’t degrade. Filling capsules with 1/2 of pea size of salve can all be made ahead of time for convenience. To do this, fill the capsules and lay them on a piece of waxed paper or parchment paper, on a sheet pan, freeze, and then either bag in a zip-lock back or small bottle with a cap. This prevents them from sticking together or breaking down. If you have stomach upset from taking the Black Salve, you can also divide the single pea-size dose into 4 capsules and take them with food, spread out, throughout the day. For internal use you can take either the tablets or the salve itself.

EXTERNAL USE ONLY- Black Salve is used to remove growths from anywhere an external growth appears which can be pinched between your two fingers- Black Salve is also used on moles, warts, & skin growths. When you attempt to use Black Salve on your back or even on your scalp where you cannot see it well, you will need someone to assist you. If you are having someone help you, have them also ready this material before application.

Gum Disease- remove plaque from teeth by mixing “BLACK SALVE CREAM” into toothpaste. To do this, squeeze toothpaste into a separate container, adding just enough salve until it is a light brown- like the color of light brown sugar. Brush twice a day for 3 months. The odd sensation ( a puckering) completely disappears within a couple minutes of brushing. Wait 15 minutes before eating. Do not use in whitening toothpaste. or other multi-functional products. The simple “plain jane” type works best.

Detoxifying the Body: By ingesting one (1) Black Salve Tablet daily using the 30 Day Cycle. This also will induce oxygen into the system and affected areas thereby enhancing immunity and inhibiting growths. This process can be repeated every 3 months or 4 times a year. Black Salve contains a high level of naturally occurring organic calcium and potassium. These anionic minerals are needed to energize the liver in a manner that stimulates natural enzymes from the liver.

Reoccurring Yeast Infections: Candidacies yeast infections affect both men and women. Take the capsules internally using the 90 Day Cycle and prepare a liquid solution using 1 level teaspoon of Black Salve Cream per 1 quart of water. This solution is used for women as a douche and for men and women to bathe an external area, including fungus in finger & toe nails. After mixing solution, put unused portion in the fridge or freeze for later use. If using the refrigerator, you must use the product within 5 days or it will lose it’s potency.

Lower Bowel or Colon Problems: using 1/2 level teaspoon to 1/2 quart water, as a retention enema. Hold solution for at least 10 minutes, take capsules internally and increase expansive fiber in the daily diet, drink plenty of water. To increase your fiber and cleanse the colon and intestinal walls, in addition to high fiber foods, take psyllium husk daily. This comes in whole husk powder or capsules. Taking a capsule with every meal can increase fiber conveniently. If more product is needed for serious health concerns, using the husk shaken into water or juice is the best means to take it because the volume of product is too much for taking capsules.
Throat Problems: Again, using no more than 1 teaspoon cream dissolved into 1 quart water- Dissolve completely and gargle with solution 2 to 4 times each day. Store in the refrigerator for up to a week. Swallow only tiny sips. With vigorous swishing for mouth issues, spit out into the sink.


Salve– 1 oz. jar
Tablets– 60 count 325mg. per pill


Black Salve 90 Day Cycle: take 4 tablets per day for 90 consecutive days, stop 2 weeks, repeat. This requires 6 bottles of capsules. Follow directions specifically as outlined in this material.

Black Salve 30 Day Cycle: take 1 tablet daily with a meal for 30 days, repeat quarterly, or 4 times a year. Follow directions specifically as outlined in this material.

Black Salve Cream: apply as directed. Always follow directions exactly. Allow time; about 7-14 days for a mole, 7-30 days for a growth. If taken internally as described, take 90 days, stop 2 weeks, then you can repeat the internal process as you deem needed. Externally, one application for moles is almost always enough. If you repeat apply, you will be over-doing it and the result is a bigger scar than is necessary.

Products and Companion Products
Black Salve Cream 1 oz. jar

Also you may be interested in these products—if you cannot find them on the website, either send a facebook message to me at, email through the website contact form, or TEXT me at 719-344-3213 and I’ll contact you when able.

  • Organic 8 Greens 8 oz (2 mo)
  • Frankincense Oil ¼ oz
  • COMING SOON Shilijit
  • Kratom (pain killing)–  2-5 grams per average dose every 4-6 hours or as needed up to 3 times per day
  • Capsule Machine “00” size- for making your own pills;  any remedy you blend you can put into capsules for more convenient or palatable use
  • Essiac Tea– this should be taken the traditional way. Many new versions and instructions are found on the web. Stick to the original. See Post 27
  • Wormwood– see Posts 119 and 98 (this one is focused on breast cancer and its application)
  • Chymotrypsin Enzyme (taken between meals), or other enzyme options include;  Bromelain (up to 1,500mg daily), Pancreatin Complex, Plant Enzymes, Serrapeptase 120,000 units strength)
  • pH Test Strips– try to keep your pH at neutral or around a 7
  • Collagen Rx I,II,III–  10 grams per day is average use- see Post 202
  • Homeopathic Cell Salts- research and take the appropriate remedy for your symptoms. This may be multiple products and probably not just one– we are soon adding these to our inventory as well.
  • Fulvic Humic Liquid– use this instead of trace mineral supplements, or use it instead of Shilijit
  • Organic Sulfur 1 pound– see Posts 28 and 202 for detailed information and how to use it
  • Herbal Antibiotic Powder– if you have infections or bacterial problems, this is a great formula (in powder only). See Post 229
  • Medicinal Mushrooms 11 types blend or any of them by the single type; see Posts 152 and 153 for detailed information regarding the benefits and uses of medicinal mushrooms
    • Chaga
    • Shiitake
    • Maitake
    • Phellinus
    • Reishi
    • Oyster
    • Cordyceps
    • Tremella
    • Lion’s Mane
    • Turkey Tail
    • Polyporus
  • Chaparral
  • Moringa Leaf (lower bowel, throat & mouth)
  • Non-Aluminum Baking Soda
  • Vitamin C Powder
  • CBD (1 oz/2 oz/4 oz sizes)
  • Turmeric Capsules (with or without black pepper)
  • Apricot Kernels (1 lb bulk- approx 700 seeds)
  • Jamaican Dogwood (pain)
  • Wild Lettuce Opium (pain and anxiety)
  • White Willow Bark (inflammation & pain)
  • Beta 1/3D Glucan
  • Phenibut (anxiety, insomnia, depression)

RSO– everyone who can, should take RSO or Rick Simpson Oil. This is made from cannabis and does contain a portion of THC, so everyone due to employment, cannot always take it. THC stores up in the fat cells so even CBD will contain traces of THC which over time will generally test “positive” for THC over a longer period of use. We have found that 80mg. per day of our particular CBD Oil will eventually test positive for THC. In small amounts we have not had the problem. If you want to pursue the RSO product, you either will have to buy it from a Dispensary or best yet, make it yourself. Go to YouTube and google “The Rick Simpson Story– Run From the Cure”. Also look for information or videos by putting in Rick Simpson Oil + the type of health problem you have and you will find more information.

If you need pain relief, only a few products offer general and effective relief. These options we carry in various forms and include;

Kratom (the best) (psychoactive to a degree but no unpleasant)
Kava, including extracts (mildly psychoactive, helps also with anxiety), and Valerian Root
CBD (not psychoactive, combines well with all of these remedies)
Jamaican Dogwood
White Willow Bark which is anti-inflammatory, also you may want to try taking Golden Milk which is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
Wild Lettuce Opium (not psychoactive)

These can be combined in any number for enhanced benefits and help without having to use pharmaceuticals. They also are reported by our clients to work well when combined with ibuprofen.

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There are a couple ways that this product is applied. Each are specific and MUST be followed EXACTLY. The first way is the simplest process and is used for things like moles or skin cancers. Tumors are different. If you can a pinch a tumor between your fingers you can remove it with Black Salve following the detailed steps below. However, for the simple mole or skin cancer do the following.

Start the process in the morning
Clean your skin for application with soap and water. Apply the salve using a toothpick or any wood or plastic applicator. DO NOT USE METAL APPLICATORS LIKE KNIVES, ETC.

Put salve on the area to be removed. Do not extend beyond the area. Place the salve ONLY on the area. If you put on too much salve you will cause a larger scar that is totally unnecessary. After putting the salve on the area, take a bandage and put some Vaseline on the gauze. This should be extra in its amount, like a “blob” so to speak. Place the bandage over the area. The Vaseline acts to keep the area moist. It smothers the area which is what we want. If the salve on the area dries out, it stops working. This is exactly why we use Vaseline and not a “healthy” alternative. DO NOT look at the area, get it wet, nor disturb it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, take off the bandage and dab it clean using a cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide. Do NOT disturb the “core”. It should be effectively different that the surrounding skin. See the Photos in this brochure. If for some reason it has not reacted you may have not used quite enough salve or not enough Vaseline to keep it moist. If this is the case, simply reapply and do it again, exactly the same. Putting the salve on when NOT needed just results in a larger scar or more area being affected so make the decision by how it looks to you. I have found that one time for moles and skin cancers is enough. When I have thought otherwise and reapplied I have done nothing but, still removed the problem, and just ended up with a bigger scar that was unnecessary.

FOLLOW-UP: The negative result is that you did not use enough product or somehow disturbed the process and ultimately have to do it over again. The best advise is to follow through as described next and if it is not resolved after fully healed up, THEN do it again. The problem is only time and inconvenience. Assuming you are moving forward and the salve has done its job, preceed as follows;

Once per day for 2 or 3 days, dab the area with a cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide. For the next three days, put the bandage on with Vaseline on the gauze. After 3 days, switch to an antibiotic ointment (not cream). Apply the ointment to the area as a “blob” or to the gauze. Continue to cover the area every day until it fully healed. Eventually the “core” will just fall out. Do not help it fall out. Do not pick it. Do not let it scab over or dry out. Just continue as described. After the core falls out, continue with the antibiotic ointment until the area is healed up. Do not continue with hydrogen peroxide any more than you have to or it will degrade the skin causing more reaction that is unwanted. This is just for preventing inflammation, infection, or pus. Pus is the infection of the mole or skin cancer coming out. It will drain out if the area is larger. Usually you do not have pus. The area treated with Black Salve will NEVER BLEED. This is the beauty of the product. It affects only the problem and not the surrounding area. The hydrogen peroxide however affects all tissue so we limit its application to as little as needed. Usually only 1-3 times, not more. Let the salve do its job. Do not interfere and fuss with it. It doesn’t need your intervention.

When totally healed up, examine the area. The mole or skin cancer should be gone and the area will be a small scar. Over time the scar fades away and becomes almost unnoticeable if you have not over-treated it. When you remove something on your face, it is very important you apply the product ONE TIME ONLY because it reacts stronger because the blood flow is greater on the face and scalp. If on the scalp, such as a growth instead of a flat area, you will likely have to apply it 2 times, even 3 but not more. The scalp is harder to penetrate.

Now, for growths that beneath the surface, you need to follow the more detailed application as follows;


STEP 1: Apply a sufficient amount of the BLACK SALVE to cover the affected area. Prick around the area with a sterilized needle for better initial penetration. Your goal is to break through the skin. Next, apply Vaseline to the gauze portion of the bandage to cover the treated area. Leave undisturbed for 12 hours. With a skin problem or virus present, you will feel a burning sensation and a dark soft looking “core” will begin to form. It can take 2-3 applications in a row to break the surface. If a growth is deeper than this and cannot be squeezed between your fingers, the pills are recommended. We further recommend taking the Black Salve Tablets as a follow-up either way. Organic 8 Greens should be taken 1 x daily as follow-up. The greens are helpful in boosting the immune system. If you need further support, add to the greens, other herbal powders like Essiac, astragalus, echinacea, or the Herbal Antibiotic. Adding the appropriate medicinal and remedy herbs for your particular health problem is suggested. Such as if you have a bowel problem, be sure to Moringa Leaf either as tea 3 times a day, or as a powder using a teaspoon 2 x daily, and so forth. What herb(s) you choose is based upon your individual issue. Also include the appropriate Medicinal Mushrooms. These are fantastic and should be used by anyone with health concerns.

You can read about the different types under the Wellness tab on my website at  See Posts 152 and 153
Medicinal Mushrooms 11 types and
Medicinal Mushrooms Ailments

Some other individual posts are also available on single mushrooms with further information. Just search for mushrooms and all of the posts will come up under the Wellness tab.

STEP 2: AFTER the 12 hours, remove the bandage and rinse the affected area thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide. Apply to a cotton ball or q-tip. If the salve has penetrated the skin, you will see a RED RING around the outside and grayish-white coloring in the center “CORE”, it will have a degree of swelling, indicating the salve is working. AT THIS POINT- DO NOT RE-APPLY, DO NOT DISTURB THIS AREA, DO NOT SOAK IN WATER, DO NOT TOUCH THE CORE. IF YOU HAVE A RED RING AND WHITE/GRAY CENTER, DO NOT RE-APPLY. Clean the area best you can with peroxide, without rubbing or disturbing the center CORE, by dabbing it with the cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide. If only a small area, in the treated area, is red and grayish-white, you may need to re-apply a second time for an additional 12 hours. Repeat the same cleansing process after 12 hours. NEXT after breaking through the skin go to STEP 3.

STEP 3: YOU ARE NOW DONE APPLYING BLACK SALVE. TO FOLLOW-UP YOU MUST KEEP THE AREA CLEAN AND COVERED. DO NOT DISTURB THE CORE, BUT CLEAN THE AREA TWICE A DAY; cleaning the edges of the area, to keep them loose and free of pus with hydrogen peroxide. Apply Vaseline and re-cover for 3 days or more. You need to core to die off. Some of this is just appearance– you have to look at it and decide. If it were to start looking infected early on, after 2-3 days, switch to the antibiotic ointment instead of Vaseline. Moving forward, when showering, protect the area from water the best you can. The ointment repels water. Keep soft, and keep covered until the core comes completely out.

STEP 4: DO NOT LET A HARD SCAB FORM. Keep it soft and covered as instructed. This process will take an average of 5-7 days for a small mole, or surface issue and longer or up to 2-5 weeks for a growth or tumor, all depending upon the SIZE of what is being removed and the depth of the infection in the body. The loosening of the core should show after some time passes. It will be trying to work it’s way out. IT MAY DRAIN OUT. Let it come out on it’s own, do not pick or pry it off or you can break off the roots under the surface. Sometimes you will see “strings” as a growth ejects itself. Do not pull them out. Let them work their way out completely without your interference.

STEP 5:  Swelling will most likely occur and treated area will be painful and/or itch. This is a normal reaction. The growth will change color after the first day and may even become “dead white”. There will be pus as the body ejects the mass. KEEP CLEAN AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT DISTURB THE CORE. DO NOT OVER-USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Use Hydrogen Peroxide only as absolutely necessary after the first 2-3 days. We use Hydrogen Peroxide only to help reduce infection, pus, and excessive redness. The area ALWAYS LOOKS WORSE THAN IT IS. See the photos for examples.

STEP 6: Keep changing the bandage and cleaning the affected area until healed. New skin re-grows, filling in the hole left by the core falling out and will most often be even with the surface with only a scar remaining. If you do not keep it moist and covered it will leave a hole and not fully fill in to meet the surface. This doesn’t hurt the process but it does leave a scar that is unnecessary. If the are is exposed and not under clothing, putting a “blob” of antibiotic ointment on the area after a few days, leaving the bandage off, but keeping the area moist, will suffice. The goal it to keep it moist and never to dry out, but moist until completely healed.

AFTER THE CORE COMES OUT: After the core comes out, you will have a hole in your flesh, but NEW SKIN will already have formed, so it does not normally bleed. Keep it clean, soft and bandaged until the core area is filled in, and new skin is formed and completely healed. At this point, switch from Vaseline to an antibiotic ointment. This is a good time to also concentrate on Vitamin E to lessen the scar. To apply this, using a Vitamin E capsule, poke a hole in the capsule with a pin and squeeze a drop into “core”, follow with the antibiotic ointment, followed with the bandage. Do this until it completely heals. If the area you have treated is not covered by clothing, usually you can apply the ointment and NOT use a bandage, just keeping the ointment always in tact, and it will not dry out. If you are allergic to the latex, use non-latex bandages. If you let the core dry out to speed healing, it will result in a larger scar. So KEEP IT COVERED UNTIL TOTALLY HEALED. DO NOT USE PRODUCT ON THE TREATED AREA MORE THAN ONCE OR TWICE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. NOTE: If the salve dries out in the jar, add just enough distilled water to make it moist again. It is best to use wood or plastic, do not use metal when handling Black Salve. Treat only one area at a time. DO NOT EVER OVER-TREAT. IF IT DOESN’T WORK TO YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION AFTER 1 OR 2 APPLICATIONS- NEVER MORE, THEN ALLOW THE AREA TO TOTALLY HEAL. NOW YOU CAN RE-EVALUATE AND THEN APPLY FOR A SECOND ROUND IF YOU DEEM IT IS NEEDED. Most people lose perspective. You can cause damage to your skin if you over apply. If you don’t believe me, go to YouTube and search for Black Salve Applications where you will see how people actually have eaten off their own nose applying Black Salve over and over. It seems impossible to believe but it is true. LESS IS MORE and follow directions exactly. Thousands of people have used Black Salve successfully. The only people who are unsuccessful are those who do not or will not follow the directions. 

STORAGE: Store unused product in the freezer between uses. This reduces the loss of product strength significantly. At room temperature, product shelf life is about 5 years. In the freezer it is years and years. If it stops working, buy new product. When treating any significant issue, follow up by taking the tablets internally for as long as deemed needed, using the rotation of on-again, off-again, as directly next.


“BLACK SALVE TABLETS” (60 tablets per bottle) can be taken internally to build immunity & detoxify the body, it is for virus related disorders & internal growths. There are 2 methods for taking the BLACK SALVE INTERNALLY. The 30 DAY CYCLE is for detoxifying & building immunity. The 90 DAY CYCLE is for serious health issues and is taken on an ongoing basis for as long as one gets benefits. Those who use the CREAM should use the TABLETS as follow-up. The instructions for taking the tablets internally are based on case histories & not meant to take the place of doctor’s advice., -material has not been evaluated by the FDA. If you are using medical treatments, whether to use the product internally should be determined by yourself with advise from your pharmacist, sometimes your doctor. Usually the doctor has not heard of Black Salve or has no knowledge of any natural means, including the use of greens, medicinal mushrooms, CBD, RSO, Essiac or other such products.

To use the cream salve instead of tablets internally, MAXIMUM DOSAGE is the size of green pea 1 x daily in one dose after a full meal or in two divided dose using 1/2 of a pea-size AM and PM. Two divided doses is helpful if you have stomach problems or experience stomach upset. To use the Black Salve Cream this way, fold the salve portion into a small piece of bread, and wash it down with water or tea. If giving the salve internally to large animals such as cow or horse, use a size slightly larger than a regular green pea once daily. You may also want to take Beta 1-3D Glucan to modulate the immune system in a way which prompts regular immune cells to perform as natural killer cells (NK). This strengthens the effect of the body to rid itself of anything that is not considered “self”

The FIRST TIME (double dose) 30 Day Cycle: taking BLACK SALVE TABLETS
Work up to 4 tablets per day (see Working up to 4 Capsules) Use for 30 Day Cycle(only with 2 Capsules daily rather than 1) & stop. Repeat every three months or 4 times each year as follow-up

The Standard 30 Day Cycle: After the 1st time used above, follow-up with the 30 Day Cycle 4 x a year. For GENERAL BODY CLEANSING & DETOXIFYING, or to fortify the immune system- use the 30 Day Cycle 4 x a year

After a full meal take (1) BLACK SALVE TABLET for 7 days in a row, then stop abstain for 2 days.
Repeat the process above until a total of 34 days have passed. At 34 days, you will have taken the capsules
for completing the Standard 28-30 Day Cycle, using one-half of 1 bottle, with enough product remaining to
repeat this process in 3 months with 30 capsules remaining.
This procedure gives the body a rest and allows natural functions unaided during the 2 day resting time.

THE 90 DAY CYCLE: Taking Black Salve Tablets For Therapeutic Purposes: 4 tablets per day
To take the BLACK SALVE TABLETS in a more intense and therapeutic dosage, use product for 6 months to 1 ½ years at the maximum recommended dosage working up to 4 capsules a day, and continue taking this amount for 90 consecutive day intervals then STOP for 2 weeks and Repeat. Repeat this process as described or for as long as it takes to get the desired results. EACH MONTH YOU WILL NEED: (2) bottles of tablets. After the 90 consecutive days, you must stop for 14 days to rest the body before repeating.
DO NOT take over 4 tablets per day. This is the maximum dosage.

Work up to the 4 tablets daily. Starting too quickly at full strength will make you nauseous. Here is how you proceed;
DAY ONE: Take 1 tablet with a full meal.
DAY TWO: Take 2 tablets with a full meal.
DAY THREE: Take 2 tabletss with the first full meal and 1 tablet with the evening meal.
DAY FOUR: Take 2 tablets with the first full meal and 2 tablets with the evening meal.
Continue with 4 tablets a day until completing the 90 Day Cycle, STOP 2 weeks, REPEAT

NEVER GO OVER 4 TABLETS IN A DAY. If you become nauseated or have discomfort, cut back to 3, or less is needed, and work up more gradually until reaching 4 aeach day. Find your own comfort level.

Getting the most out of your program: Never under-estimate the power of raw juices, fasting, and food

What is “Black Salve”
“Black Salve” is not a pharmaceutical preparation endorsed by the medical profession. No guarantees or claims can be made about the effects or results from using “Black Salve. There are many imitators of this product but only one original formula which has been provided to you. “Black Salve” consists of 300 mg. of Bloodroot, Galangal, Red Clover, and Sheep Sorrel. The capsules have 325 mg. of calcium phosphate that acts as a binder to hold the formula together. The cream can be preserved losing approximately 1 percent per year in a freezer and it does not hurt the value of the contents. The sheep sorrel in Black Salve cannot be used by those Kidney Diseases unless confirmed by your doctor to be safe. The Kidneys do not tolerate Sheep Sorrel. If you need to remove sheep sorrel because of kidney problems, we can adjust the formula into a powder form and you can then make your own capsules. We do have capsule machines available for purchase so you can customize your products for yourself if needed.

How To Take Black Salve Cream Internally
Black Salve is taken, regardless of which method below, for 90 consecutive days, then stop 2 weeks. The process can be repeated using this schedule for as long as necessary. The maximum dosage taken each day is 4 pills or a green-pea-size portioin of the salve.
Black Salve is Taken AFTER a Meal—
*if taking it makes you nauseated, start with a smaller dose and work up to full strength
Take the size of about the head of match which is approximately the size of 1/2 of green pea. This can be ingested by putting the salve on a little piece of bread and folding it over, then wash it down like taking a pill. It can be taken in this dosage 2 x per day, not more spread out AM and again PM. You can also place the salve into an *empty capsule. The size capsules we offer are “00” and easy to fill without being too large for swallowing.
*You can prefill these capsules with the salve portion but if you do, you must put them in the freezer. If left at room temperature, the capsule will degrade and fall apart.
If using a larger amount one time in a day- use the size of green pea, also on a little piece of bread and fold over. Wash down like taking a pill, or put into the empty capsule.
The salve may be taken this way for 90 consecutive days, then stop for 2 weeks, repeat if or as needed.
For maximum dosage per day- take 4 pills like this-
Two pills after breakfast
Two pills after dinner
Work up as follows-
Day 1: 1 pill after breakfast
Day 2: 1 pill after breakfast, 1 pill after dinner
Day 3: 2 pills after breakfast, 1 pill after dinner
Day 4: 2 pills after breakfast, 2 pills after dinner

Continue taking 4 pills per day as described for 90 days, stop two weeks and then repeat

Other Tips
These additional tips are helpful for expanded results;

⦁ Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water which is approx. 2 quarts (one in the morning, one in the afternoon)
⦁ The water requirement CAN include tea but not coffee to fulfill the amount needed. Tea is actually recommended over water using specific herbs that benefit your individual needs.
⦁ Visit a massage therapist at least once each month. It is good for you and helps the whole body’s systems. If you have lymph cancer, massage is not recommended unless your health care provider has indicated it for you.
⦁ Use a rebounder daily. This manually pumps and cleans the lymph system.
⦁ Take supplements that are generally needed by everyone, like D3, or magnesium, both found to be commonly deficient
⦁ Consider watching and following the series on Netflix called “the Paleo Way”. This is a very healthy diet for most. Consume less meat but always aim for about 70% of your diet to include mostly vegetables and some fruit (1 fruit to 7 vegetable servings). As with all diets, we do however recommend that you include a small amount of organic grains, something Paleo does not. Eliminating any food group entirely may not be advised, so even a small amount is still included.
⦁ Eat what you can afford in organic form. If budget is limited, and usually it is, look up the foods that are on the latest “12 Dirtiest Foods List” and be sure to eat these organic. The “12 Cleanest Foods” you can eat non-organic. It will always be the previous year since this is evaluated every year.
⦁ Include a supplement with herbs particular to your individual problem. These are taken on an empty stomach at least 2 times daily
⦁ Use Essiac Tea– this is specific. See the Post with directions on how to take it, under Wellness, on the website at ⦁ POST 27
⦁ For digestive or lower bowel issues, besides retention enemas, please see Moringa Leaf. We have both the powder and the cut leaf, both organic. Average dosage is 3 or 4 cups every day consumed between meals.
⦁ Yes, we have Chaparral Leaf. Chaparral contains zinc and grows with roots as deep as 25 feet in a hot desert climates. Chaparral, just like Comfrey, should not be over-used due to excessive use can negatively affect the liver. This plant has been widely used for problems with the uterus, bladder, and general urinary tract.
⦁ Organic Sulfur– no matter what the problem, Organic Sulfur should be taken in some amount. Ideally, 1 teaspoon AM and again in the afternoon is recommended. (from $6.99 to $59 dependent upon size). See POSTS 28 & 202
⦁ Turmeric (pronounced “too-mair-ick”)– is a tremendous anti-inflammatory. It is said that inflammation is the gateway to disease and this spice is more than just a food. It works in the brain preventing lesions and throughout the body to lower inflammation overall. Small amounts, 720mg, work the day you begin taking it but larger amounts of about 2200mg. will make quite a difference in approximately 1 week. Who can’t take Turmeric? People with gallbladder diseases or gallstones. Always take it with a meal and you can take your whole dose at once. (averages 23 cents per 720mg capsules or $4.99 organic powder)
⦁ Medicinal Teas– we have literally dozens of teas specific to phsysiology. Whether it is the blood, lymph, liver, bowel, etc, find the match of Medicinal Tea that best suits your particular health concern and drink 3 cups per day. See POST 2 for instructions on how to make a Tea Concentrate. This enables not only convenience but extracts the maximum values out of the product for better effects. ($4.99 and up)
⦁ Yes, we offer CBD tincture. This is an excellent sourced product from a local farmer. It comes in 1 oz., 2 oz., and 4 oz. 4 oz. is the strongest, providing a full 10mg per 1 pump. You can test it out by starting with the small size and we’ll sure you will see why we use for a wide spectrum of reasons. CBD helps to reduce anxiety, calms pain, can reduce or even stop seizures in some people and pets, and works with the cannabinoid system to benefit overall health. CBD affects lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors which you are born with, and cannabinoid receptor proteins that are expressed throughout the vertebrate central nervous system. This product is safe for adults, children, and pets. It is made with a base of olive oil and just a tiny hint of peppermint to offset negative flavor. CBD is not listed on the website. To order please TEXT to 719-344-3213 and we will take your order over the phone by calling you back during our store hours. ($68, $103, $227)
⦁ If you are looking for single herbs not found on the website, please let us know and we’ll be sure to put them up if we stock them. We do stock mostly everything in the store

FOR A COPY OF BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS OF A BLACK SALVE APPLICATION ON THE SKIN, PLEASE REQUEST AN EMAIIL COPY BY TEXTING YOUR EMAIL TO 719-344-3213, and we’ll send it. Photos take up too much room in the system so we will email the document to you.

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