Wild Lettuce Opium Cut Organic 7 grams


Wild Lettuce Opium– 7 grams  Certified Organic–  This plant is a mild relaxant which can be consumed as a tea or smoked. Wild Lettuce Opium is not a narcotic, but a natural plant which has historically been used as a substitute for narcotics and to help reduce pain and discomfort. It is also commonly mixed with either valerian root or kava kava to reduce anxiety. Wild Lettuce Opium may be helpful to promote dreaming, and to reduce insomnia, restlessness, and irritable hacking coughs. As a smoking aid, Wild Lettuce Opium can be smoked as a single herb or blended along with other smoking herbs as a substitute for cigarettes. This plant does NOT contain nicotine and may be beneficial when attempting to stop smoking.

Product Description

Wild Lettuce Opium– 7 grams  Certified Organic–  mildly sedative tea which can also be smoked.


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