Wild Dagga Bud

Wild Dagga Bud & Leaf 7 grams


Wild Dagga Bud & Leaf–  7 grams–  An ethnobotanical, smokable, all natural herb, cousin to marijuana, and the closest plant effects known as comparable to marijuana, only without THC. Benefits last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, also another advantage as compared to marijuana which lasts for a number of hours. It is a relaxant and beneficial for restful sleep and insomnia. Hydrate plant in a glass container or plastic bag with orange or lemon peel for about 2 hours upon receipt. This is optional but does reduce smoking harshness. You may also add a pinch of peppermint or spearmint leaf for a menthol flavor additive. Wild Dagga Bud & Leaf can be mixed with other smoking herbs for various purposes.

Product Description

Wild Dagga–  7 grams  Bud & Leaf--  An ethnobotanical, smokable, all natural herb, cousin to marijuana which contains no THC


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