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Tea Sleeve Filters– No. 2 500 count


Tea Sleeve Filter–  No. 2–  1000 count–  standard sleeves for serving commercial tea to-go

The T-Sleeve in size 2 is perfect for making 2 to 4 cups of tea, or large mug, and 16 oz. to-go cup or glass. Add loose tea to the sleeve and fold over cup rim or twist the top and place it under the lid of a cover or teapot to secure for brewing. The Sleeve may also be folded and stapled if preferred, such as for home-use, bath, etc.  The T-Sleeve is perfect for coffee and tea shops to provide fast and easy service to customers.  The filters are disposable and require no clean up.

Where are Tea Sleeves Made?   Germany, this natural product is made with 100% biodegradable, all natural Manila hemp. Both the material and the glue used are gluten free which makes it a safe filtering method for more sensitive individuals.

Size: This box contains 1000 Tea-Sleeve-Filters

Dimensions:  Approximately 3 inches x 6.25 inches

Product Description

Tea Sleeve Filters–  No. 2–  1000 count–  standard sleeves for serving commercial tea to-go


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