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Smoking Blend (no nicotine) Cut Organic 7 grams


Smoker’s Blend–  7 grams–  Certified Organic (except for the lobelia leaf which is only available in wildcrafted form)– a non-nicotine all-herbal smoking blend which is used as an aid to stop smoking cigarettes. For those who enjoy smoking as recreation but do not want to smoke cigarettes, this blend is a more healthy option as compared to tobacco and nicotine.  It is non-addictive and contains only the highest quality herbs known to be commonly smoked. Also see Smoker’s Blend Menthol and Indian Tobacco for other non-nicotine, non-psychoactive, smoking alternatives to cigarettes.

For smoking cessation, chewing on licorice root sticks will also help curb the desire for nicotine in many individuals. After you have fully ceased smoking, you may want to check our Lung Tea which is consumed to help clear the lungs and support lung lining health. Following cessation from cigarettes, drinking carrot juice a few times each week is beneficial to the respiratory system.  Do not drink carrot juice if you have high blood sugar since carrots are naturally high in sugar.

Contains– Certified Organic Blend–  mullein leaf, damiana, scullcap, uva ursi, marshmallow leaf, and wildcrafted lobelia leaf.


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Smoker’s Blend–  7 grams–  Certified Organic– a non-nicotine all herbal smoking blend which is used as an aid to stop smoking cigarettes


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