Smoker’s Blend Menthol 7 grams


Smoker’s Blend– Menthol  7 grams–  Certified Organic (except for the lobelia leaf which is only available in wildcrafted form)– a non-nicotine all-herbal smoking blend which is used as an aid to stop smoking cigarettes. For those who enjoy smoking as recreation but do not want to smoke cigarettes, this blend is a more healthy option as compared to tobacco and nicotine.  It is non-addictive and contains only the highest quality herbs known to be commonly smoked. Also see Smoker’s Blend Menthol and Indian Tobacco for other non-nicotine, non-psychoactive, smoking alternatives to cigarettes. Another reason this blend is so effective is that when a person is trying to stop smoking and everyone they associate with smokes on their breaks, etc, this is something you can participate with and yet doesn’t contain nicotine. Don’t underestimate the habits of comfort. The hand-to-mouth action is part of this addiction as well as seeing the smoke, which is why the Blind do not generally have the desire to smoke cigarettes.

For smoking cessation, chewing on licorice root sticks will also help curb the desire for nicotine in many individuals. After you have fully ceased smoking, you may want to check out our Lung Tea which is consumed to help clear the lungs and support lung lining health. Following cessation from cigarettes, drinking carrot juice a few times each week is beneficial to the respiratory system.  Do not drink carrot juice if you have high blood sugar since carrots are naturally high in sugar. Do not purchase commercial juice, this has been pasteurized and is not beneficial as a medicine because it structurally changes the compounds. Indian Tobacco is included in this blend because it helps to fill the receptors in the brain for nicotine and makes cessation from cigarettes easier by reducing withdrawal.

Other Companion Products

  • Smoker’s Blend Menthol (cooling version of the same product)
  • Licorice Root Sticks (reduces nicotine cravings, reduces inflammation)
  • Lung Tea (clears congestion, reduces and helps to heal the lining)
  • Bronchial Respiratory Tea  (clears congestion)
  • Pleurisy Root  (reduces inflammation in the lining)
  • Collagen Rx I,II,III (heals lining)
  • Indian Tobacco (fills nicotine receptors)
  • Anti-Oxidants- Vitamins A, C, E, D3, etc. — all kinds (repairs damage, prevents damage)
  • Medicinal Mushrooms- although there are 7 mushrooms recommended for lung health, Reishi is both for lung health and lung cancer, so if you are choosing only one, choose Reishi and take 5 grams

The lungs remind me of the liver;  if they are not too badly damaged, they regenerate. Remember though, this just takes time- lots of time. Do the right things long enough for lung restoration and the results will be positive for the lung lining. Besides supplements, practice breathing exercises and work on increases the number of seconds you hold your breath. All is beneficial.

Contains– Certified Organic Blend–  mullein leaf, damiana, scullcap, uva ursi, marshmallow leaf, wildcrafted lobelia leaf, peppermint

Product Description

Smoker’s Blend– Menthol–7 grams–  Certified Organic non-nicotine.  Excellent tool to stop smoking.


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