RA-Rx Adaptogen

RA-Rx Adaptogen 6 oz. powder

RA-Rx Adaptogen– 6 oz. Powder– specific to Rheumatoid Arthritis– Certified Organic–  RA-Rx Adaptogen– 6 oz. Powder– Alternate this product with the RA-Rx to assist the body in balancing the TH1 and TH2 sides of the immune system while reducing the underlying cause of chronic inflammation. Using this product twice per day, 6 oz. will supply approximately 22 days, 8 oz. 30 days. 

How to Supplement the Adaptogen

After you have taken the RA-Rx for a full 30 consecutive days, alternate to the Adaptogen. Take 1 teaspoon in any liquid on an empty stomach anytime during the day, preferably in the AM and PM, either 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after a meal, so long as the stomach is “empty”. The total taken per day is approximately 3.78 grams twice in a day. When you begin taking this formula, if symptoms of RA increase or inflammation were to begin to return, revert back to the RA-Rx Formula for another 30 days. Continue with this rotation, working to increase the RA-Rx Adaptogen days of use to a goal of 30 consecutive days. Ultimately, 30 days of each formula back-to-back is the goal. This will take months to accomplish in most people but with continuing use, the Adaptogen will be tolerable and the ability to increase the number of days will result.

Companion Products

It is important to also take other products which will support the repair and preservation of the joints and tissue. These primary products include two very important supplements;

  • Organic Sulfur- See Post 28 and 200.  Take 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon AM and PM daily on an empty stomach. Post 200 discusses a convenient way to take this product. It is okay to take the RA-Rx formulas at the same time as the Collagen in this process. You will need 1 pound of Organic Sulfur each month.
  • Collagen Rx- I,II,III-  See Post 200. Follow the Sulfur with this product. Take a minimum of 10 grams per day.  Taking more is not a problem, supplementing 10 grams AM and PM is not a problem.  The more serious the problem, the Collagen Rx is taken.  There are those with severe issues that take as much as 50 grams per day.  It is more an issue of affordability than dosage, but 10 grams should be minimum unless you are very young (under 25 years of age) and RA is an initial diagnosis and no joint damage has occurred.  The goal is to keep the damage, whatever the level, from worsening.  After taking the Sulfur and Collagen Rx, then wait 30 minutes to an hour to eat food. The RA-Rx formulas are compatible or any other herbal remedy you are taking. If convenient and tolerable, take any herb now that requires an empty stomach to make this as easy of a routine as possible. The easier the process the more successful at consistency you are likely to be. You will need approximately 10.5 oz. per month to supply 10 grams per day for 30 days.
  • Water- be sure to drink a minimum of 2 liters or approximately 2 quarts of fluids each day. The fluid allowance includes water, tea, herb tea, or juice. Drinking enough fluid hydrates tissues and joints as well as cleanses the body as a “detox”. Distilled water taken with enzymes sometime during the day will help to flush toxins and inflammation from the body and is always recommended.
  • Enzymes-  for detox and for meals, enzymes can be very helpful in reducing inflammation. Between meals the enzyme product should be a pancreatic complex without an acid like HCL.  At meals, HCL in the enzyme supplement is fine since this helps to break down protein.  Between meals, an acid would upset the stomach and is negative so be sure to get some advice on what enzyme product to take.  We have Pancreatin which can be used for both meals and inbetween meals as a mini daily “Detox”. See Pancreatin
  • Pancreatin Complex- this complex can be used with meals and between.  When taken for a meal, take 1 tablet about 10 minutes before eating. When taken between meals, take 1-2 tablets anytime 2 hours after eating and drink about 1 quart of water over the next hour. This helps flush out inflammation and cleanses the body. This type of “Detox” will not cause diarrhea or negative side effects often associated with detoxifying the body. It is an excellent way to help reduce the chronic inflammation experienced with RA and other autoimmune problems. This supplement can be found under Tablets/Capsules on this website.
  • RA-Rx Formula- the alternating product used with the Adaptogen.


Product Description

RA-Rx Adaptogen– 6 oz. Powder– Certified Organic–  Alternate this product with the RA-Rx to assist the body in balancing the TH1 and TH2 sides of the immune system while reducing the underlying cause of chronic inflammation


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