Lion’s Mane 4:1 Extract Powder Bulk 1 lb.


Lion’s Mane 4:1 Extract Powder Bulk Concentrate 1 lb. — Certified Organic


Taking 1 gram per day, 1 oz. will supply approx. a month of supplemental use. For therapeutic dosage work up to taking 5-6 grams daily in divided doses at least 4 hours apart. Take on an empty stomach with any liquid and wait to eat food for about 30 minutes.

This is the best way to purchase Lion’s Mane if you are using it ongoing or have a need for mixing it into other powders in a higher amount. By purchasing a full pound you will save just over 50% which is wholesale. You can also buy it in bulk 1/2 pound which will save 25% off of the small quantity retail packaging. A 4:1 extract product is equivalent to FOUR POUNDS. For each 1 oz. it is equal to 1/4 pound of raw product concentrate strength. If you are taking 5 grams of standard product, you can reduce your dosage to 1.5 grams or 1500mg. for the equivalent. Lion’s Mane has been factually found to repair nerves. Anyone with a history of seizures will benefit from taking Lion’s Mane. Combined with CBDA will further increase your specific health benefits. Our CBDA is under a pending patent and is water soluble. It doesn’t need a fat or food, it doesn’t require metabolism through the kidneys or liver to start working, and can be taken on an empty stomach for fast effects in as little as 20 minutes.

Take Lion’s Mane by stirring it into any liquid;  coffee is good because of the caffeine which helps carry it to the brain. This can also be helpful for mental focus in cases of ADD or ADHD.  Any tea is helpful, especially green tea which also contains naturally occurring l-theanine. L-theanine is nature’s natural antidepressant and relaxant. It can be put into foods like chicken broth, soups, stews, or sprinkled over any prepared dish. We believe it is best taken on an empty stomach, waiting 30 minutes before eating food. With animals, such as dogs, simply add it to their food or stir into water. Whatever water is left in the bottom of the bowl, pour this over their food so you never miss any of the residue left over.  You can add Lion’s Mane to a water bottle and consume throughout the day.

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Lion’s Mane 4:1 Extract Powder Bulk Concentrate 1 lb. — Certified Organic


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