Earl Grey (black)


Black Earl Grey-  Certified Organic-  with the exception of jasmine, has been and remains to be, for hundreds of years, the most celebrated scented tea sold worldwide. Earl Grey is an Assam black tea base scented with bergamot oil, which is derived from a citrus plant in Sicily.  Traditionally it was served throughout England with cream and sugar as an early morning starter or afternoon pick-me-up.  Serves beautifully, garnished with a lemon or orange slice along with citrus or buttery pastries, lemon bars, or simple cookie. Enjoy Earl Grey anytime in good company as the world’s most sold and popular black tea beverage.

Steeping Temperature: 206 F degrees
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes
Caffeine: Medium
Serving Size:  1 tsp/8 oz. water
Ingredients: Certified Organic Black Assam Tea and Bergamot Oil
Origin: India


Product Description

Earl Grey-  Certified Organic-  is the traditional classic Black Earl Grey Tea, famous for hundreds of years as one of the most sold teas in the world


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