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Daily Eye Drop Concentrate 1/4 oz dropper


Daily Eye Drop Concentrate–  1/4 oz. dropper MUST BE DILUTED FOR APPLICATION AS INSTRUCTED.  This is an external eye application

Herbal formula is a concentrate which MUST be mixed as described in Post 230. NEVER APPLY TO THE EYE FULL STRENGTH.   Multiple daily applications, one to five times depending upon individual need and tolerance

Starting with 1 drop mixed into saline or distilled water, increase daily until reaching 5 drops which is the maximum mixer. Using less is fine, whatever is comfortable so long as it does not exceed 5 drops in the 1/8th oz. dropper bottle. Make fresh daily. Carry this product with you throughout the day and apply to the eye an average of 3 times. Some have used 5 applications. So long as you have NO IRRITATION, continue. If you experience irritation, stop for 1 day, and start over at the lower level. This product not only directly nourishes your eyes with specific plants known for supporting vision, but it will over time, dissolve the protein film that develops over the eye as we age or as related to various eye disorders. This product is a perfect companion to the Eye Drop RX.  This daily use is applied as it is named- during the day. The Eye Drops Rx is used at bedtime every night. Nutrition internally taken will enhance your results. It is not mandatory to get results from the eye drops but it will support the nutrition needed for vision that is obviously missing in the first place. We have 3 supplements that can be used internally, in addition to the use of the eye drop applications. These products can be found on this site and are available by-the-pill, making it easy to coordinate your vision program for ordering and taking the products. Select which products you want to take from the list below, mix and match to best meet your individual needs.

Find any of these supplements and drops on this website;

  1. Daily Eye Drop Concentrate 1/4 oz. dropper (multiple daily applications throughout the day)
  2. Empty mini dropper for mixing Daily Eye Drop Concentrate 1/8 oz. glass dropper or 1/4 oz. plastic eye dropper container
  3. Eye Drop Rx  1/2 oz. (bedtime application)
  4. Vision Rx – a multiple vision supplement (1 per day)
  5. Herbal Eyebright Formula – a blend of herbs specific to eyes and vision (1-6 capsules daily spread out in 2 doses)
  6. Lutein-Zeaxanthin Capsules- 1 per day, 2 may be taken but the average dosage is 1. For the most serious eye problems, it is okay to take 1 capsule 2 x daily with a meal
  7. Vision Tea – supportive to vision, drink 1-3 cups per day between meals  (green tea, eyebright, bilberry leaf, bilberries, ginkgo biloba, pink peppercorns, milk thistle leaf, turmeric rhizomes, kale, rosehips)
  8. Kale Powder – 100% kale powder. Add this to any tea, coffee, smoothie, or juice. This plant is particular to night vision and a companion with blueberries. blueberry leaf, bilberries, bilberry leaf and rosehips
  9. CBD-A – dissolving water soluble tablet or oil tincture – 1 oz. liquid or 30 tablets.  Specific to brain-gut connection and repair to the cannabinoid mapping. DOES NOT contain THC

Also see our Vision Kit

Product Description

Eye Drop Concentrate Solution–  1/4 oz. dropper MUST BE DILUTED FOR APPLICATION AS INSTRUCTED 

Herbal formula is a concentrate which MUST be mixed as described in Post 230. NEVER APPLY TO THE EYE FULL STRENGTH.  Multiple daily applications, one to five times depending upon individual need and tolerance. See Vision Kit (comprehensive full Vision Rx program and products in one)


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