Black Salve 500 mg. 60 caps


Black Salve Capsules–  60 bulk 500 mg. capsules.  

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Contains:  500 mg. capsules;  wildcrafted bloodroot, organic graviola (paw paw), organic sheep sorrel, organic red clover blossoms

Therapeutic Dosage Take 2 pills after breakfast and 2 pills after dinner for 30 consecutive days, stop 2 weeks, for 90 days of product use, stop or repeat the process. 

Supplement Schedule

  • Day 1 take 1 pill after breakfast
  • Day 2 take 1 pill after breakfast, 1 pill after dinner
  • Day 3 take 2 pills after breakfast, 1 pill after dinner
  • Day 4 take 2 pills after breakfast, 2 pills after dinner and continue with this dosage going forward

Maintenance Dosage or as a Detox Application Method 1:  Take 1 or 2 pills daily for 30 consecutive days, stop.  Repeat every 3 months.  OR Method 2:  Take 4 pills daily using the Therapeutic Dosage Schedule above for 3 months, one time annually.

Nausea  Some people experience nausea when first taking Black Salve Capsules.  If you experience nausea while taking this supplement, reduce to a lower dosage and increase to full dosage as nausea subsides. Companion Products

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Product Description

Black Salve Capsules–  60 bulk 500 mg. capsules


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