Auto Immune Tea

Auto-Immune Tea


Auto-Immune Tea-  Certified Organic — Caffeine-Free-  Specific to calming the autoimmune response and reducing inflammation.  Drink 1 cup per day or 1 quart per day during a flare. Prepare as a Tea Concentrate using Post No. 2 instructions.

  •   CUP–  Single Use;  1 rounded teaspoon to 8 oz. distilled water, steep or simmer on lowest setting covered for 20 minutes to 1 hour, strain. Drink 1 cup per day.
  •  QUART–  Therapeutic Level 3 cups per day;  2 rounded tablespoons to 1 quart of distilled water, simmer on the lowest setting covered for 1 hour, strain.  Drink 1 cup, 15 minutes before each meal, 3 times per day. 1 quart supplies 3 cups daily.  For larger batches, making a 3 or 6 quart batch, see Post 2.

Refrigerate after preparation.  Shelf life is 1 week.

Steeping Temperature: 209 F degrees
Steep Time:  20 to 60 minutes covered, OR simmer covered for 15 minutes, OR prepare by the larger quart size

Caffeine:  None
Serving Size:  1 rounded tsp/8 oz. water or 2 rounded tablespoons to quart jar size
Ingredients:  Proprietary Certified Organic Blend;  ginger root, spearmint, elderberries, rose blossoms, chamomile, raspberry leaf, orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, wild crafted cat’s claw
Origin: Organica Herb & Tea Tea 

Product Description

Auto-Immune Tea-  Certified Organic– Caffeine-Free– formulation specific to calming the autoimmune response and reducing inflammation.


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