Anti Parasite Kit- 3 month


Anti-Parasite Kit– 3 month program

Includes all of the supplements required to complete the 3 month program. See POST 70 “Anti-Parasite Program” for detailed schedule. Follow this schedule from start to finish which will be 90 days. Each supplement enclosed in the Kit, will have a different dosage and number count of capsules in order to complete the days required. Please refer to the schedule and follow it exactly as it is laid out in Post Number 70. It is suggested that as you print this information and each day, after taking your dose, cross it off the list. You think you will remember or not become mixed up, but it is not at all uncommon for people to lose their place in line during the process. Every day is so similar but the count is different and changing. By crossing each dose off of the list, you will eliminate the chance to have an error, which would also disrupt your schedule count for all products contained in the Kit. As each supplement usage drops off, continue with the remaining, simply following the list exactly. When you have completed the program, all of the product should have been used entirely. The fossil flour is the only supplement of the four, that is taken daily for a full 90 days. When you have completed the program, it is recommended that you continue taking a small weekly amount forward as maintenance. This maintenance dose is generally used by people who do not want to have to repeat this all inclusive schedule again. Some people will use this regiment once a year as follow-up instead of using maintenance dosing.  Maintenance dosages are listed at the end of Post 70 for your reference. Maintenance is very simple and fully explained in the material for your convenience, but this is totally optional on your part.

The 90-Day Kit contains the following;

  1. Fossil Flour, which is premium grade, food & human grade dematiaceous earth
  2. Black Walnut Capsules
  3. Clove Bud Capsules
  4. Wormwood Capsules



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Anti-Parasite Kit- 3 month program


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