AKG (l-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate) Dihydrate Powder


L-Arginine AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate) Dihydrate–Powder  Nitric Oxide Enhancing Potentiator. Per 1 gram.  AKG is a compound which accelerates the absorption of L-Arginine, an amino acid which is necessary for energy metabolism. AKG increases the exchange of nutrients and the expulsion of cellular waste. AKG is a potentiator for any ethnobotanical, such as Kava, Kratom, Valerian, Jamaican Dogwood, and others. If the herb or nutrient has a psychoactive effect or directly affects the brain, AKG will improve and enhance the benefits.  AKG is also used for sports nutrition. It supports higher energy output and faster muscle recovery from exercise. It magnifies and improves healthy blood flow for better use of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. It increases NO (nitric oxide) which is important to cardiovascular and sexual health. It is an excellent supplement for any resistance training program, yielding greater results from exercise and weight-lifting.

How To Use AKG–  Take on an empty stomach

  • As a Potentiator — take 1 gram or 1000mg 45 minutes before any psychoactive product, such as Kratom. This will reduce your need in product dosage by as much as 20-30% less. 
  • Weight Lifting or Exercise Programs — take 1 gram or 1000mg 30 minutes prior to activity. If taking in the morning, take the first dose upon rising and then a second dose one hour before workout. If you eat breakfast early, take AKG one hour prior to exercise and then the second dose 45 minutes before lunch.
  • Hiking — take 1 gram or 1000mg about 30 minutes before activity
  • Cardiovascular Benefits — take 1/2 to 1 gram, or 500-1000mg daily anytime on an empty stomach or about 45 minutes prior to eating, 2 times daily
  • Sexual Health —  take 1/2 to 1 gram, or 500-1000mg 2 times each day. One dose anytime during the day on an empty stomach, such as in the morning along with DHEA and again, about 2 hours after dinner. This will increase better blood flow and production of NO. For this purpose, AKC can also be combined with products like Longjack, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus, Maca, and any hormonal herbal remedy or formula that requires an empty stomach.A blood test can determine hormonal deficiencies to help you to know what to take with AKG for best results. If you have not had a blood test done, average dose of DHEA for women is from 5mg to 25mg daily, men over 50 take 50mg once daily. With blood testing your health care professional may recommend a higher dose of DHEA, without the bloodwork, use the average supplemental dosage. Men under 50 years of age, usually take 25mg of DHEA or less. Women under 50 or pre-menopause, take 5mg to 25mg depending upon need. 


No matter what your purpose for taking AKG, take 1 gram with water, tea, coffee, or juice,  twice daily on an empty stomach.  To maximize results, drink at least 64 oz. of liquid daily while using this product.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 gram (1000mg or 1 gram per dose)

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L-Arginine AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate) Dihydrate–Powder  Nitric Oxide Enhancing Potentiator, per 1 gram 


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